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Meet Catherine Colle: Badass Woman Entrepreneur for Glamour Cosmetics

Here at New York Minute Magazine, we jump at the opportunity to meet badass women dedicated to making a mark on the world. We recently got the chance to meet a woman who does just that. Meet entrepreneur Catherine Colle.

Catherine began working alongside her father at his company, Midway Labs, at a young age, learning the importance of hard work and dedication that undoubtedly had an impact on where she is today. Over the years, Catherine became an executive within Midway Labs, but she didn’t stop there. After spending some time as a model, Catherine realized her passion for beauty and skincare, leading her to begin her own brand: Glamour Nutrition.

We had a chance to speak with Catherine about her experiences with entrepreneurship, her brands, and how she seeks to empower women around her.

How did you get your start in entrepreneurship?

I was kind of born into entrepreneurship. My father took me to business meetings ever since I was 2 years old. He worked so much that the only time we had to spend together was in a business environment. I had a few entrepreneurial experiences on my own as a kid but, ultimately, I started working at age 13 when I implemented the digital media area in the company. At 18 I was invited by a modeling agency to work for a year in Los Angeles.

In the modeling scene I got asked by many models, makeup artists and stylists what I took to have such long thick hair and smooth skin. As I told them about the supplements I’ve been taking my entire life, I realized a big opportunity, so I left Los Angeles and created Glamour Nutrition.

It’s crazy to think that if I never took a chance to explore a modeling career, I wouldn’t have had the inspiration to create my own brand. That’s why it’s important to always follow your heart and intuition.

Can you tell us about the products within Glamour Nutrition and what you hope women take overall from the brand?

Glamour Nutrition is a unique nutricosmetics line of products specially formulated for women with specific ingredients working from the inside out. One of my favorite products is the best seller Glamour Collagen! This is a premium quality hydrolyzed bovine collagen mixed with vitamin C in powder form, packed in a convenient stick that’s easy to take with you everywhere. And it tastes delicious!

Another best seller is the recently-launched LOVE SPELL. It’s a female sexual enhancement product formulated with traditional herbs known to improve mood, relax the muscles, and enhance libido. The Glamour Beauty Sleep is another cool product designed with a blend of antioxidants and melatonin to naturally drift you to sleep while working on improving skin appearance overnight. The Glamour Anti Age will prevent and diminish signs of aging with just one tablet per day. The Glamour Hair, Skin and Nails offers a complete formulation to repair and renew cells.

There’s truly a product for every need. This product line is super unique and offers complete beauty nutrition for women. It doesn’t matter what lotions you use or what makeup you put on, true beauty comes from within. I created Glamour Nutrition to empower and inspire women and to awaken their inner confidence.

What women inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

So I had two big male influences in my life. The first was my maternal grandfather Issau Okubo, who worked from 10 years old on a farm, saved enough money to pay for his college education, helped support his entire family, and eventually became the Vice President for Seiko Watches in Brazil.

The second is, of course, my own father who has been an entrepreneur since he was 11. He faced many adversities and experienced many hard times, but he overcame every challenge that came his way. Both of these men have been a huge example of sacrifice, determination and courage to me and I owe everything to them.

However, I really didn’t have one women entrepreneur who I knew or looked up to, especially coming from Brazil. It was very rare to have women in business and that’s why nowadays I’m so happy to see more and more women stepping into entrepreneurship roles.

My mom, a professional psychologist, has been a big influence for me … but only recently did I start to meet more women who inspire me. For example, my good friend, Karina Nascimento, is a total inspiration and the First Women’s Physique Champion.

Other women I admire are Ivanka Trump (regardless of politics) because of our similarities of working with our fathers and branching out with our own brands. I also love Lilly Ghalichi because she is the perfect example of a modern women entrepreneur. She has her own style and created a successful global brand.

What advice would you give to young women hoping to dive into the career of business or entrepreneurship?

To not be afraid. As a young women we tend to feel self conscious because we may not have enough experience or might have grown up with false beliefs about ourselves, but I urge you to trust your gut feeling and don’t be afraid! It’s better to fail trying than to not try at all. Go ahead and make mistakes, own them and learn from them. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed, that’s why our experiences are so valuable, especially the ones where you failed.

Above all, always be fair to everyone, even those who have wronged you. Being fair means that you are able to step outside of your ego and evaluate the situation for what it is without filters, and this is a total advantage to have!

As a woman, what challenges have you faced throughout the course of your career?

I had instances of being asked to leave the meeting room just because I was a woman and some people who were hired by my father refused to work with me because I was younger than them. Ridiculous situations like these would happened a lot more in Latin American culture than in the USA. I had many people underestimate me but I was never bothered because their perception would quickly change once we started talking.

Another challenge came from the fact that I used to model. Often, people I met with would google me prior and it would be uncomfortable when they tried to hint about seeing my modeling photos. I’m always very professional and nobody really dares to try and flirt with me because I leave no room for it. Overall, I’m a big believer in turning your weaknesses into strengths and making the best of it.  

As an entrepreneur, how do you use your career in empowering women?

Because I didn’t have a woman role model growing up, I hope to somehow inspire other women to go after their dreams with passion. Glamour Nutrition is about reclaiming your power and knowing your worth.

Women are often so good and kind that others tend to take their kindness as a weakness. But being soft and tough, that’s the perfect balance. Glamour Nutrition is a representation of this balance. While it’s a girly and glamorous brand, it is also a powerful movement with bold packaging and unique formulations.

I believe all the answers are within yourself. That’s why our slogan for Glamour Nutrition is “Beauty exudes from within.” It truly does and so does everything else, confidence, happiness, love etc. You are the most beautiful when you are happy and our products will work together with your body to enhance your natural beauty. It’s about awakening that inner confidence within yourself. I hope that by sharing my career experiences, I can inspire others to go after their dreams as well.

To keep up with Catherine’s latest projects and to see what she’s up to, follow her on Instagram, or check out her website.

Featured Image from Cat Colle

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