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Chase Monsters and UFOs on Lake Baikal

Hidden deep within the frost of Russia lies a natural phenomenon so beautiful and mysterious that it attracts the interests of many visitors and scientists. Lake Baikal, possibly the most fascinating lake on the planet, is so enchanting that it is known by various names.

Primarily, Lake Baikal is often referred to as the “Pearl of Russia,” according to Mysterious Universe. The lake is known for its magnificence, and its exquisiteness is often admired by anyone whose seen it.

Lake Baikal is not just pretty. This lake is also a record-breaker. “At least 25 million years old, Lake Baikal is the oldest lake in the world,” according to Live Science. Moreover, it is the world’s biggest freshwater lake, and it is also the deepest lake on the planet.

Perhaps the most fascinating fact about this lake is that it is one of the world’s clearest lakes. Live Science reports that “during the summer, when the lake is full of melted ice from the Siberian mountains, it is sometimes possible to see more than 130 feet (39 m) down.”

Though the lake is record-breaking and beautiful, it is much more than just the Pearl of Russia. Lake Baikal is also often referred to as the “Galapagos of Russia.”

“Because of its exceptional biodiversity and importance to evolutionary science,” Live Science reports that the lake is well-known for its exceptional ecosystem.

Furthermore, it should be noted that “about 80 percent of the more than 3,700 species found at Lake Baikal are endemic, meaning they are found nowhere else on Earth. Probably the most famous of these species is the nerpa, the world’s only exclusively freshwater seal.”

While the lake’s features and biodiversity are certainly intriguing, what is most captivating about Lake Baikal are the natural phenomena that cannot be explained by science. This lake is additionally known by some as the “Sacred Sea” for the part it plays “in many local creation myths…throughout Russian folklore.”

There are many tales regarding the lake’s creation and several stories about odd events occurring on and beneath the lake’s surface. “Considering its remote and wild locale, its enormity, and how ancient it is, it is perhaps no surprise that Lake Baikal has a long history of bizarre events, strange occurrences, legends, myths, and folklore,” Mysterious Universe points out.

One of the strangest sightings at the lake revolves around a lake monster, who locals call “Lusud-Khan” or “Usan-Lobson Khan,” which translate to “Water Dragon Master.” The monster is described as a “giant sturgeon, with a prominent snout and armored plating along the back.”

People have claimed to spot the monster’s outline floating on the waters, or even beneath the crystal-clear surface. There are many ancient carvings that depict a creature similar to the described Water Dragon Master, which some believe adds validity to the sightings.

Lake monsters are not the only inexplicable phenomena that occur at the lake. There have also been numerous accounts of UFO and alien sightings.

Mysterious Universe notes that “there have long been numerous reports of strange lights and alleged alien spacecraft over the lake, but perhaps the most interesting stories come from declassified Soviet era documents compiled on unexplainable incidents…the documents mention numerous UFO related incidents and sightings around Lake Baikal nevertheless.”

Despite the strangeness of monsters, aliens, and frequent disappearances at the lake, according to Mysterious Universe, Lake Baikal is still considered an attractive and interesting place to visit and admire.

Make Lake Baikal your next destination to visit, if you dare.

Featured Image by Pawel Maryanov on Flickr

Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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