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Chic Jean DIYs You Have to Try

Denim – we all have some, whether it be jeans, jackets, or shorts. See Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake circa 2001 for iconic denim stylings. For this week’s DIY, we’re going to show you just how much you can do with an old pair of jeans. So grab a pair, along with a pair of scissors, and let’s get started.

Frayed-Hem Jeans

Jeans that are seemingly cut or frayed right at the ankle have become very popular recently, and they look great. Here’s how you can make your own! You’ll need tweezers, scissors, and a pen. Try on your jeans, and pick a spot where you want your fraying to begin. Fold up the ends of the jeans to where you want to cut, and cut away. Next, make a rough outline with your pen of where you’d like to start your frays. Then, cut upwards, a little bit over the line you’ve drawn, to make your frays. Finally, use your tweezers to pluck away at the threads! For final results and to credit this DIY, we thank Taylor Apolonio’s channel.

Frayed-Ankle Jeans

There are many ways to accomplish the frayed look and I couldn’t resist putting up two different styles! This DIY is by Mimi Ar and I love how the finished product looks. For this DIY, remove the hem of your jeans by cutting away part of the hem, and then using your hands to rip away the rest as best as you can. Lastly, cut away the last edge of hem since it’s pretty much impossible to rip that with your hands. Here comes the tedious part: pull away the threads hanging from your hem. The more you pull away, the more frayed the jeans will look. This is all about preference! These jeans look great with just about anything.

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

In this DIY, LaurDIY shows us how to take an old frumpy pair of jeans and customize them into a stylish trend! Make vertical cuts in the jeans, about one inch apart. You can make as many cuts as you want. Pull away the white threads that peek out to improve the distressed look. Once you’ve created a few patches like this, throw your jeans in the washing machine. It’s okay if your patches look boxy! The washing machine will do the work in making the look perfect. Then, simply cuff your jeans and enjoy your new look! Check out Lauren’s video for final results.

Jeans are present in pretty much everyone’s closet, so let’s revamp our looks with these trendy DIYs! Britney and Justin, this one is for you.

Featured Image by Geneva Vanderzeil on Flickr
Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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