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Chris Pine: Wonder Woman’s Sidekick

Chris Pine, an actor known for his role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Star Trek: Beyond, is taking on a new role as a sidekick to one of the world’s greatest heroes – Wonder Woman.

Pine will play Steve Trevor in the upcoming film Wonder Woman, which will premiere sometime this year. The movie will begin by introducing us to Diana Prince, princess of the Amazons, who has been trained as a warrior. Steve Trevor, an American pilot, crashes on the Amazon’s island and tells them about what is taking place in other parts of the world – the war to end all wars. After hearing about the ongoing conflict surrounding World War I, Wonder Woman decides to join the fight. She believes that she can end the conflict. In the process, she learns more about her abilities, power, and destiny. Diana becomes Wonder Woman, a heroine the world needs.

In an interview with Dujour Magazine, Pine describes himself as “Wonder Woman’s partner in crime… who falls in love with her.” This will certainly be an interesting role for Pine who usually finds himself in action movies where he is the leading man. He knows that Wonder Woman is completely capable of fighting her own battles; Trevor is simply there to help.

Pine believes that it is about time that we have an action movie with a lead who is both a female and a hero. He told Dujour, “Action is so synonymous with violence and revenge and eye-for-an-eye; the masculine footprint in the world is so violent and obviously it hasn’t really gotten us anywhere.”

Gal Gadot, the actress who will star in the film as Wonder Woman, explained in an interview, “In Batman v Superman, you get a glimpse of who she is, but not where she comes from. In Wonder Woman, this would be the first time we ever tell the coming-of-age story of how Diana becomes Wonder Woman. We go back 100 years to when she’s more naïve. She’s this young idealist. She’s pure. Very different to the experienced, super-confident, grown-up woman you’ve seen.”

All of the action movies that have come out recently are dark, violent, and focus on pure strength. Wonder Woman will be dark, but it will also introduce us to a different kind of strength. Not only is she strong, she is compassionate.

Pine says, “A woman at the forefront naturally leads with this compassion, and [is about] giving life instead of taking life. To have a strong woman who represents those qualities, I think we can start injecting this world with a little bit more of the ideology of compassion, love, and positive moral strength rather than something destructive.

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