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7 Times Chrissy Teigen Shut Down Internet Trolls

Chrissy Teigen is an international celebrity. Some know her for modeling, others for being married to John Legend, and the rest, from her work as a host on Paramount’s ‘Lip Sync Battle.’ But did you know she has an exceptional, overlooked talent?

Teigen was born with the amazing talent to fit eloquent rage into 280 character tweets.

She is phenomenal at delivering some of the best Twitter comebacks ever. Here are some of the funniest and fiercest ways she has shut down Twitter trolls:

1. Chrissy has always been vocal about disliking Donald Trump. Her tweets have gotten her blocked by the President and many of his supporters. Responding to a tweet saying she should be sling-shot back over the border, Chrissy both clarified the user’s error and complimented the unique imagery in their insult.

2. Chrissy relies on sarcasm for most of her clapbacks. This is a prime example. A common belief is that celebrities live in their own ignorant world, careless about the lives of others. Chrissy dryly confirms it, claiming she watches Earth from a throne in space.

3. After landing the November 2018 cover of Glamour Magazine, Twitter trolls thought it was a good idea to roast Chrissy’s portrait photo. Chrissy was not having any of it. Again with shining sarcasm, she considered her critics’ comments and encouraged them to send tips and tricks from their own cover photo shoots. Oh wait…I see what she did there.

4. Teigen stands up for all spaghetti-lovers out there while subtly flexing her celeb status. When a user claimed grown adults shouldn’t eat spaghetti, she immediately put the myth to rest. Thanks for being our spaghetti-lovers spokesperson, Chrissy!

5. Piers Morgan has a history of Twitter beefs, and Chrissy Teigen is proudly among the list of celebrities that have given him a taste of his own medicine. In this example, she extends his sarcastic interest in modelling. It’s a jab to his problematic character, but still short and sweet as Chrissy tweets often are.

6. Mommy-shamers can be brutal. Being a relatively new mom in the public eye, Chrissy is often subject to critiques on her parenting. What trolls forget, though, is that Chrissy doesn’t actually care. After she was spotted catching dinner without her then-newborn daughter, Chrissy’s Instagram comments were flooded with attacks. Her response was quick, matter-of-fact, and indicated that, well, she’s unphased.

7. Last but not least, we have one of Chrissy’s most recent clapbacks. After memes making fun of Teigen’s butt size circulated around Twitter, she was not afraid to share her honest opinion. She not only playfully extended the joke on herself, but addressed a larger issue with how cosmetic surgery and social media has skewed the public’s understanding of a woman’s “ideal” body type. 

Featured Image by Luke Harold on Wikimedia Commons

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