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I only discovered InClass during the spring semester of my freshman year and I wish I had found it sooner. It’s your college life rolled into one app.

To start off with, it’s a scheduling app. I know there are lots of those floating around the app world, but here’s the deal – not only can you put in your due dates for schoolwork or set reminders for your next audition or doctor’s appointment, InClass stores your professor’s information (e-mail, telephone, number, office hours etc). It is easily accessible and it also allows you to save PDF’s of the syllabus or general class notes!

The only catch is that all of the information has to be entered manually, so it’s a bit of a tedious process. I’m not a fan of this feature, especially on a small phone screen, but you can take notes on it too. I presume that works better on an iPad.

Most of the time professors don’t allow phones in class, so by the time you step outside and want to enter your homework in the app, you may have forgotten parts of it. To avoid this, you may need to write it in a diary or a piece of paper and enter it in the app later, which can seem redundant.

InClass allows you to set reminders, which not only tell you the due date, but you can ask for reminders that are “2 days before”,“1 day before” or a certain number of hours before the work is due. This really helps you stay on track and avoids the chances of you not reading something you wrote down or confusing deadlines.

You can color code the deadlines according to subjects as well as high, medium or low priority. It’s visually appealing for the most part and is user friendly too.

InClass is available for download on Apple and Android products.

We rate this app 30 out of 45 seconds of your New York minute.

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Featured Image by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

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