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Coffee Cravings You Can Satisfy from Home

Attention coffee lovers and addicts! Buying your lattes and cold brews every morning may be taking a bigger toll on your pockets than you think. Check out these tips on how to bring the coffee café to your own kitchen.


The only ingredients you need is a bag of coffee grounds. If you’re an instant coffee person, suit yourself. But I’m talking to the REAL coffee drinkers. If you have a coffee maker or a Keurig, you should know the steps on how to fix your cup. Tip for Keurig users: invest in a reusable k-cup to use fresh coffee grounds. However, drip coffee is the best for the coffee drinkers who like a cup that packs a punch. Buy your creamers or milks the way you like them. By the way, honey and blue agave are a great alternative to white sugar.

2.Cold Brew

No! Do not brew hot coffee and stick ice cubes in it. There’s a better way. Grab your favorite coffee grounds and steep them in some water overnight for at least 12 hours. All there’s left to do by the next day is strain, drink and enjoy! You can always add ice but be careful not to water down your masterpiece. Also beware: cold brew is just as strong as your traditional brew. If you’re a light and sweet kind of person, make sure you have your essentials handy.

3.Iced Macchiato

Exclusive to those with the classic Nespresso or average espresso machine. Grab your ground espresso and make yourself a shot (or two if it’s going to be a long day). Pour your milk of choice into a cup of ice and top it with your espresso shot. The only thing that makes Starbucks better is the flavor options.


Similar to a macchiato, the only difference is the stir. Eventually you mix together your macchiatos because you can’t help but shake the cup around. However, lattes start as a mixed espresso-milk drink. If you like it sweet, adding sugar might not do it. Some stores sell all your favorite flavor pumps for cheap. Buy a few and find what your taste buds like.


The easiest of the easy. Literally espresso and water. You can’t get it wrong. That is unless you don’t have an espresso maker. If not, your regular black cup of joe will do. Espresso is preferred over coffee sometimes because of the smoother taste and more abrupt caffeine punch. You can even dress up your americanos with cream and sugar like you do coffee.

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