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Company Takes Big Steps for Workplace Inclusion

Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide\ is a NYC-based advertising, marketing, and public relations agency. Earlier in January, 2017 they made an announcement for some upcoming changes.

The agency plans for promotions, power shifts, and global restructurings, which include a large new production and technology operation called Ogilvy Delivery. There is also a strong commitment for new roles promoting diversity, growth, and communications.

Global CEO, John Seifert, announced these changes in an internal memo sent out to the agency’s staff. The memo details a network-wide restructuring, as well as leadership appointments across functions, clients, and regions around the world.

Seifert stated, “My number one priority as Worldwide Chairman and CEO will always be our people.” Delivering on his statement, Seifert has created four “functions” to unify across the organization. These four include Talent, Growth, Delivery, and “Marketing, Communications, and Chan\ge.”

In an article by Lindsay Stein for AdvertisingAge, Seifert said, “We want to unify the whole organization with a team that’s more culturally diverse, has a better balance of men and women in leadership, and can empower and give young people much more responsibility.”

Seifert is creating a more diverse company by giving many women high leadership positions. Seifert has chosen worldwide CMO Lauren Crampsie to help create “the next chapter [in] Ogilvy brand experience” as the head of the Marketing, Communications, and Change function.

Ogilvy Public Relations Global Chief Communications Officer Jennifer Risi will serve directly under Crampsie and manage all media relations funct\ions while partnering with Managing Director of Marketing and Content, Nikolaj Birjukow, on self-promotional initiatives.

 Ogilvy & Mather also holds events that lead to a powerful work environment for women to feel comfortable and to connect, share, learn, and network. An example of these events includes Inside The Confidence Code. At this event, 400 women and men from Ogilvy came to the event hosted by the company’s Women’s Leadership Professional Network (WLPN).

Betsy Stark, Ogilvy’s PR director, interviewed TV journalists and authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman about their book The Confidence Code. This discussion went over the science and culture of confidence and the link between confidence and success in the workplace. The “Inside The Confidence Code” event was an example of how efforts to close the gender gap continue.

Taking these initiatives are providing opportunities for women and men to both work in an environment that encompasses more diversity, promoting a positive, inclusionary environment that allows the company to excel much faster.

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