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Love During Corona: Heartwarming Stories in the Midst of a Pandemic

Not everything is doom and gloom right now. Corona has certainly turned everyone’s lives upside down, but there are some silver linings to the undefined periods of social distancing, necessary quarantines, and panic-buying of toilet paper. If anything, the global pandemic has brought out some of the best in humanity and taught us how to cherish the relationships of those closest to us. 

Around the country, local restaurants announced programs for students dealing with school closings. Some have even started donating free food to impoverished students in districts with closed schools. School districts are also working to address this issue. In some, bus drivers were enlisted to bring food to suffering students and offer a semblance of normalcy in this strange and unpredictable time. 

Community members in certain areas also banded together to assist their elderly neighbors by checking in on them more frequently and purchasing any items they may need so as to avoid exposure to COVID-19. Grocery stores and restaurants implemented special hours for senior citizen shoppers to further limit exposure. All around the world, communities and businesses are doing their best to protect those most at risk of contracting the coronavirus. 

Perhaps most heartwarming are the updates coming from Tom Hanks’ COVID-19 quarantine encouraging everyone to “take care of ourselves and each other”.  The beloved actor tested positive for the coronavirus this past month and is using his social media platforms to address the panic surrounding COVID-19 and to reaffirm the necessity of social-distancing to prevent the spread of the virus. Unlike other celebrities, who have tried to address the pandemic through a poorly conceived, ill-received rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine” or flat-out denial rather than any significant actions or efforts, Hanks has tackled the issue through his own journey and the necessity for everyone to just be kind to each other. Hanks’ latest Tweet contains another message of hope, assuring everyone that “we can figure this out”. 

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