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Couples That Cook Together, Stay Together

Do you know what is considered to be the most important ingredient while cooking?

Love, of course!

Have you ever fantasized about your partner bringing you breakfast in bed? Or about coming home to a candlelit gourmet dinner made by your sweetheart? Well, even if your partner doesn’t know how to cook, there’s still hope.

Cooking classes for couples are a great way to spice up any relationship. They are a new, exciting, and fun way to do date night – and you get to eat what you make afterwards!

The classes offered for couples range from specific styles of cuisine to more general dishes. General classes will teach you how to make a romantic meal for two in an intimate hands-on setting. Some classes even let you bring your own bottle of wine to enjoy together.

Other classes are geared towards different cuisines from countries around the world, like Italy, France, Japan, and Mexico. There are also classes that specialize in dishes popular in certain areas of the U.S., such as New Orleans or Cape Cod.

Many couples head to their favorite Italian restaurant for date night. Something about Italian food is extremely romantic – it was even voted the type of cuisine that couples found most appropriate for Valentine’s Day, in a survey conducted by Zagat. Learn how to make pastas, pizzas, and sauces that will make your partner say, “That’s amore!” Or maybe even share your own spaghetti kiss like in Lady and the Tramp.

Some say the French are the most romantic people. Plus, onions used to be considered an aphrodisiac in France – newlyweds were actually fed onion soup the day after their wedding! While it may not be considered a sensual food today, you might still enjoy learning how to make classic French onion soup. Indulge in some fancy French wine or champagne and take your best shot at creating a sinfully delicious crème brûlée.

The possibilities are limitless. You and your partner could learn to master your use of spices at an Indian cooking class or to prepare perfectly steamed rice for sushi at a Japanese cooking class. There are classes that teach you how to make Spanish tapas, vegetarian plates, Thai noodles, or even that perfectly prepared steak.

If you or your partner have a sweet tooth or prefer desserts, there are also classes to teach you how to bake anything from cupcakes to macaroons.

Taking a cooking class with your loved one will make cooking together at home seem less like a chore and more like a romantic joint venture. Try playing music that matches the dishes you are preparing to add to the mood while you and your fellow chef chop, stir, sauté, and braise. Cooking together also eliminates the decision about who has to do the cleaning! Couples who cook together do dishes together, too!

So, for all you couples who are searching for something new to do with your partner, find a cooking class that suits you both, buy matching aprons, and sign up!

Featured Image by Blondinrikard Fröberg on  Flickr
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