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Create the Perfect Backyard with Your Partner

Summer is almost here, which means you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors. Some of the best summer nights are spent in your own backyard drinking with friends around a fire. This doesn’t mean you have to run out and buy an expensive fire pit or gazebo. Actually, one of the best date night ideas is to start an outdoor DIY project with your partner.

Building something together can create an object that has great meaning for both of you. Plus, working on a project as a couple is an awesome way to foster communication. Pinterest is loaded with ideas, from super complicated projects for very crafty couples, to clever but simple hacks that anyone can do.

Outdoor Lighting
There are a ton of possibilities when it comes to lighting your backyard, so get creative! The two of you could work together to wrap your trees with lights or to hang handmade lanterns from the branches. If you have no trees or you don’t trust your partner to hold a ladder, you can install wooden posts across your yard to string lights on. Adding string lights to a backyard can instantly give it a whimsical feel.

Fire Pit
As previously mentioned, hanging around a fire with friends is a great conduit for endless laughs, fun conversation, and the sharing of memories. Luckily, building a fire pit is cheaper and simpler than you would think. The most popular way to create your own fire pit is to stack pavers in a circle. Most home improvement stores sell a single paver for around a dollar. There are also inexpensive kits you can purchase that include all the necessary materials to build a great fire pit.

If you’re feeling up to the task, patios always help to spruce up a backyard. This project will require some muscle to move the stones or bricks and to dig up the spots for them, but you’ll also get a nice tan without even realizing it. If you’d prefer to not dig, consider instead building a floating deck for your lawn furniture.

Ideas for Handywomen and Handymen
If you and your partner are handy with tools, and if you have the space, there are a few things you could build together to save money. Check out Pinterest for different ideas on how to build seating or a tree swing. Finally, add that beautiful pergola or barbeque area that you’ve always wanted. And if you’re really good at building, maybe even add a water feature like a fountain or a small koi pond.

Simpler ideas
If you don’t have a large backyard or any tools on hand, there are still endless projects you can do together. Even just painting and decorating a fence can make your space more inviting. Other ideas include planting flowers in a planter box, creating some outdoor lanterns with mason jars, or painting flowerpots.

Some people say that doing a home improvement project as a couple is the ultimate test of a relationship. Yet some therapists insist that those who can work with each other to put something together have the healthiest relationships. Whether you and your partner collaborate on one project or if you’re better working on separate projects side by side, in the end, you will both be able to look upon your backyard oasis and know that you’ve created it together.

Featured Image by Chun Kit To on Flickr

Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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