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Affordable Beauty Brands That Are Cruelty-Free

Product testing on animals is an outdated and unnecessary practice in the beauty industry. It spreads chemicals and dyes in nature, animals are injured in the process, and it does not accurately measure whether or not a product is safe for human use. Fortunately, the beauty industry is moving towards a more cruelty-free future. Consumers are also gravitating more towards vegan products, which are known for their numerous benefits.

Vegan or organic products are typically known for being more expensive. However, more brands are expanding on their cruelty-free agenda and offering more natural products at affordable prices. After all, being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the best quality products. These are some of the best affordable, cruelty-free beauty brands.


Regarded the “millenials’ brand”, NYX Professional Makeup (affiliate link) is adored all over the Internet by customers and professional makeup artists alike. The company focuses on creating personalized experiences for each consumer. It does its best to pay attention to digital beauty trends, and develop products based on what customers are looking for. The brand was founded with the intention to be as affordable as possible, and has continued to remain that way. Both vegan and cruelty-free, NYX has been featured on PETA and Ethical Elephant.


E.L.F. Cosmetics is used religiously by many social media influencers in the online beauty community. The brand was founded by two men interested in cosmetics who wanted to empower women by offering an inexpensive alternative to high-end makeup brands. “We feel women shouldn’t have to skip lunch or not go out for dinner or have other cutbacks to afford a makeup,” says co-founder Joseph Shamah. It has now become a staple in drugstore cosmetics and is known for its affordability.


Although it’s the most expensive on this list, Lush is still a budget-friendly brand where every dollar is worth it. The cosmetics company specializes in hand-making 100% vegetarian products, with emphasis on ethical sourcing and fighting animal testing. The products they offer (affiliate link) range from body cleansers, to makeup, to shaving kits. The company also prides itself on being eco-friendly. One of their core values includes reducing the amount of packaging waste in landfills, so many of their products sold in stores, including bath bombs and bar soaps, are sold unpackaged. Similarly, they are joining Canadian environmentalists in attempts to save sharks from extinction.


BH Cosmetics prides itself on its cruelty-free practices and use of vegan ingredients. Another influencer favorite, BH is known for its collaboration projects with makeup gurus. Keeping its products at a low price range, the brand primarily invites newcomers to join the beauty community. Customers are encouraged to use BH products to spearhead their interest in cosmetics and all things makeup, hence its affordability. The brand also prioritizes customer experience, sharing posts from real consumers on their website.

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