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9-Year-Old Convinces Stephen Curry to Create Curry 5s for Girls

Stephen Curry, a three-time NBA champion, partnered with Under Armour this year to release his exclusive Curry 5 sneaker. However, Riley Morrison, a 9-year-old girl from Napa, California, had some wise words for Curry.

Morrison, a self-proclaimed Curry fan, was excited to buy her own pair of Curry 5s. Unfortunately, much to her dismay, the Under Armour website had no Curry 5s for girls listed for sale.

Upon discovering this, Morrison took to pen and paper, writing a heartfelt note to her idol. In the letter, Morrison expressed her confusion of the exclusion of Curry 5s for girls when Curry himself has done so much to present himself as an ally to women. He is known for his hosting of an all girls basketball camp and advocacy for equal pay, even writing an article for the Players’ Tribune on the topic.   

Morrison wrote, “My dad and I visited the Under Armour website and were disappointed to see that there were no Curry 5’s for sale under the girls section…I hope you can work with Under Armour to change this because girls want to rock the Curry 5’s too.”[sic]

Curry posted a photo of Morrison’s letter on his Twitter page, with his own handwritten response.

“We are correcting this now!” Curry responded. “I want to make sure you can wear my kicks proudly…we have something special in the works for International Women’s Day on March 8th.”

Morrison told Teen Vogue, “I wanted to help make things equal for all girls, because girls play basketball, too.”

Dean Stoyer, an Under Armour spokesperson, wrote in an email to KTVU that, because of Morrison and Curry, they are correcting the error and that failing to label the shoes as both male and female sizes was, “just wrong.”

Since the posting of Morrison’s letter on social media, Under Armour has changed their website to list the Curry 5s for girls and boys. Under Armour stock has even risen one percent showing that equality in marketing is good for not only men and women, but also good for business. Other companies, take note!

Photo by Stephen Baker on Unsplash

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