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Dating Apps by Women for Women

There seems to be a common problem everyone has when using dating apps like Tinder; often, people are just looking for a hookup. Such apps are not always safe or secure either – they don’t necessarily protect users’ names the way they should, and the process of appearance-based swiping can even feel unnatural. Luckily, some of the women who have felt negatively about current dating apps have taken the opportunity to create safer apps that focus on matching based on personalities instead of looks.

Here are three dating apps created by women for women:

Coffee Meets Bagel:

Coffee Meets Bagel is an app that uses an algorithm to find you the best match, giving you 24 hours to ‘like’ or ‘pass’ on a date with your match or “bagel.” Three sisters, ArumDawoon, and Soo Kang, created the app in order to give women more control over their dating experiences.

Arum Kang told ABC News, “We like to call ourselves the anti-Tinder. Any woman who has used Tinder has one or many stories of the kinds of behavior men exhibit on Tinder … it’s not the greatest experience and … it feels creepy.”

According to the app’s description, “Bagels are determined through a computer algorithm that combs through user’s’ Facebook friends and ‘friends of friends,’ assessing interests and personal experiences to match users with profiles similar to theirs.”

Coffee Meets Bagel is free for download and available on iOS and Android devices.


Neqtr is an app that was built by Sonya Davis in order to help people connect through shared passions. The app helps you find like-minded people who want to give back to their community and lets the connection grow from there. Davis told MomZette, “People are looking for something real – hoping they will find someone. And by bonding over a common set of values, that’s how people will find a real connection.”

According to the app’s description, “Neqtr is an app for socially conscious people looking to meet others with the same passions. You connect with others based on your common interests. Whether it’s activism, yoga, or rescuing stray animals, we help you find like-minded people who share your same passions. Because you shine your brightest when you’re doing what you love. That’s how we make giving back sexy.”

Neqtr is free for download and available on iOS and Android devices.


Sapio is another dating app dedicated to helping you find a better match based on personality, likes, and dislikes, rather than just looks. The company’s goal is to not only help you find a match that is physically attractive, but also intellectually attractive. The app itself was named after the term Sapiosexual, which means “a person who finds the contents of someone else’s mind to be the most attractive attribute, above and beyond their physical characteristics.”

Kelsey Libert, one of the co-founders of Sapio, told Metro, “My wife and co-founder won me over with this statement: ‘Give me a deep conversation or a passionate debate over brainless beauty any day.’ Someone who makes me reconsider my long-held beliefs and challenges my mind is a person I can easily fall for. There is no doubt that I’m a Sapiosexual.”

Sapio is free for download and available on iOS and Android devices.

Hopefully, these three apps can help you find a match on your own terms!

Featured Image by Hernán Piñera on Flickr

Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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