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Don’t be Blue, be De-stressed

In a regular day, most people encounter some kind of stress because let’s be honest, being a badass takes a lot of work. Many people have their own methods for dealing with stress, but one healthy and easy way to cope with challenging situations is a stress ball. The stress ball is a great invention; however, NYMM doesn’t think you should have to spend a lot of money on something you could easily make yourself. This useful project is simple and rewarding, so let’s get started!

1. What You’ll Need
To get started you will only need a few things that can hopefully be found around your house or your local convenience store. You will need a few party balloons (preferably of your favorite color). You will also need flour, which will fill the balloons. Finally, you will need a funnel and a pair of scissors.

2. Getting Started
To begin, you have to prepare your balloon by inflating it and then letting the air out. This will stretch out the material so it is ready for the next step. Using your funnel, you can now fill your balloon with flour. Use only enough to reach the neck of the balloon and then carefully remove the funnel and any excess flour. Tie the neck into a knot to secure the flour inside.

3. Finishing touches
After you have tied your knot, you can take another balloon (hopefully your favorite color) and cut most of the neck off with your scissors. Stretch the cut balloon to fit around your first balloon and act as a second layer; because of the stretch, it’s not going to fly off your first balloon. This will prevent any mess that could occur if a hole develops in the first balloon.

And there you have it: the easiest DIY project with one of the most rewarding uses. You can take your stress ball with you to work (or wherever you tend to get particularly irritated) and use it to decompress. We all get stressed, but to stay relaxed and positive, we need to find ways to cope with this stress and keep moving!

NYMM hopes that this little project can help you do just that!

Featured Image by Jesper Sehested on Flickr

Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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