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If You Don’t Know Ms.Swan, You On Edge Sista’!

MadTV doles out some real gems, doesn’t it? Ms.Swan is one of those things that is just so brilliant that it does not get flak for cultural appropriation, racism or discrimination because everyone takes the pure humor in such great spirits.
When the show puts in fake cheers for Ms.Swan’s entry, a smile appears on my face and you can hear me cheering along in my room. That voice and that fashion sense could drive anyone crazy (in a good and bad way)!
You have no idea how much I want to impersonate Ms.Swan every time I go to Starbucks, but I recognize that some things are better off as funny videos. No need to attack my inner desires now. Boy, if this video got me in splits, imagine what the related videos do to me…Ms.Swan for days! 
Keep clicking and watch Ms.Swan!

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