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Drawing on the Go : Apps for the Modern Artist

Drawing can be a wonderful creative outlet for anyone, whether you are an expert artist creating a masterpiece or a beginner who simply wants to learn to draw better. While not everyone can be the next Vincent Van Gogh, you might find a hobby in drawing that helps you relieve some stress. After all, Van Gogh once said, “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

For those who might want to explore the arts and learn some basics about drawing, here are three apps that can help you learn more about how to draw:

How to Draw: with Artist Matt Busch:

How to Draw: with Artist Matt Busch is an interesting app that can show you the basics of the drawing process. The app provides tutorials with a guide – Matt Busch. Busch is an artist known for his illustrations featured in movies, books, and comics like Star Wars. During the tutorials, he will reveal some drawing secrets and teach you “the fundamentals of sketching visually dynamic portraits.”

According to the app’s description, “Each drawing tutorial is broken into 11 steps to break down each stage of the drawing process. Within each step there are additional tips that you can tap to learn more specific techniques of illustrating dazzling portraits. The interactive format lets you enjoy the art and instruction at your own pace with as little or as much detail as you are looking for. Whether you plan to use the app alongside physical pencil and paper, paired with your favorite drawing app on iPad (with split-screen multitasking), or just read along to get inside the head of an acclaimed Hollywood illustrator, this app will inspire and give you professional tips, tricks, and techniques.”

How to Draw: with Artist Matt Busch is available for download on iOS devices for $1.99.

Let’s Learn to Draw:

Let’s Learn to Draw is an app that works similarly to How to Draw: with Artist Matt Busch in that it also breaks down drawing into simple and easy to follow steps. The app markets itself as a tool that “provides a fun way to practice drawing without having to hunt around for a pen and paper.” Not only will this app teach you the fundamentals of sketching, it will also allow you to have fun and doodle.

According to the app’s description,It’s the perfect app if you’ve always wanted to learn to draw and it’s great fun for long-time artists interested in exploring a new canvas. Interactive lessons teach you by breaking everything down into simple pieces. Animated strokes show you how each line should look and help you to build each drawing one shape at a time. Still too hard? Turn on Assist Mode and your strokes will be automatically corrected, giving you a masterpiece every time. Tired of structured learning? Use the scratchpad to mix paint and doodle to your hearts’ content.”

Let’s Learn to Draw is free and available for download on iOS devices.


PaigeeWorld is an app that not only helps you learn how to draw, but also connects you to other aspiring artists. The app allows artists and art lovers everywhere to share their drawings, make new friends, and expand their network.

According to the app’s description,This app is unique in that it’s more than just an educational tool — it’s a community. Think of it like a social network for artists and art lovers who like to share their work, make new friends and improve their skills. There are hundreds of tutorials to help you master the art of drawing, and the constantly updated gallery is full of inspiration. You can also ask for feedback from fellow members to help perfect your skills even more.”

PaigeeWorld is free and available for download on iOS and Android devices.

Featured Image by Adrian Brady on Flickr
Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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