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DuoBook: a Book-Lover’s Dream

There is something about reading or listening to a good story that is almost magical. Books allow you to escape from reality and take a step into someone else’s world for just a little bit. A great book can help you understand certain ideas and thoughts or even help you feel understood.

A lot of times we get so caught up in a book that we do not want to put it down. But what if there was a way for you to be able to keep listening to the same ebook in audiobook form without having to purchase another copy? DuoBook is an audiobook app for book lovers everywhere.

According to the website, “Every DuoBook story lets you choose between reading or listening and saves your place so you can switch back and forth any time. [You can] read before bed or listen in the car on your way to [or from] work. Now you can really keep a good story going.”

To get started with the app, simply create a free account, save some stories to your library, and start reading or listening. Volume one and two of the Incredible Cases of Sherlock Holmes are free when you create a DuoBook account. Other free audiobooks include A Tale of Two Cities, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and Pride and Prejudice.

Will Dages, the leader of a development team at Findaway, created the app in the hopes that he could create something new – a place where you could not only read books but also listen to them. Dages wrote in Product Hunt, “Every DuoBook story will include both text and audio, so no buying one format, and then making a second purchase to add-on the other. We are hoping the simplicity of that resonates with people.”

The makers of the app also hope that “whether you’re reading or listening, you’ll enjoy the details put into each experience. The best-in-class audiobook player was built by audiobook lovers and always features high-quality professional narration (not text-to-speech). The clean reading experience lets you focus on the text without distractions. And we’ll keep your place between both – whenever you want to switch, you’ll pick up the story right where you left off.”

DuoBook is free for download on iOS devices. An app for Android devices is currently in the works and will be released sometime this year.

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