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E-couponing Tricks

Couponing as we know it has changed from our mother’s generation. Moving into the present, e-couponing sites and mobile apps such as SnipSnap, Yowza, and CardStar serve as the major money-savers of today. From movie tickets to Macy’s products, these apps allow users to fill up their carts without emptying their wallets.

Rated number one on multiple sites, mobile app SnipSnap is a leading app for e-couponing. Users help users by sharing and uploading coupons onto the app or website. Described as a “virtual coupon binder,” SnipSnap organizes coupons automatically by expiration date. Gaining over 2 million users a year after its creation in 2011, SnipSnap works to solve the issue all aspiring couponers face; organizing and remembering to use coupons to cash in on great deals and discounts. While the app does not currently cover grocery coupons, it is great for retail, restaurants and local businesses; its “Near Me” feature searches coupons based on the user’s location. The app also includes notifications that ensure consumers remember to take advantage of time-sensitive deals prior to expiration. Either via barcode, promotional code, or coupon image, SnipSnap users can redeem coupons directly at the cash register from their smartphones.

Unlike most other user-driven couponing apps, Yowza enables retailers and business owners to upload coupons for their own stores. This results in more updated deals. Additionally, as the app is organized by location and retailer, Yowza is the perfect app for saving money on small, locally-owned shops and stores that may otherwise be overlooked by nationally-based apps like SnipSnap. Yowza has various unique and convenient features, including “In Store Savings,” meaning all coupons available on the Yowza app are eligible for in-store use rather than limited to online-only offers.

Cardstar runs on a system of loyalty cards. Users only need to download Cardstar’s mobile app, Express Checkout. The app saves and stores loyalty cards that can be redeemed at the register by scanning the card uploaded directly to your smartphone. Checking out has never been simpler. Cardstar keeps track of all the loyalty cards consumers earn and ensures they reap the rewards from those memberships. No need to worry about other users stealing personal information or loyalty cards, as Cardstar is encrypted and protected by Stripe security so users don’t have to worry about falling victim to spam or privacy violations.

Grocery iQ
Great for buying in bulk and managing grocery lists, Grocery iQ specializes in tailoring the consumer’s grocery lists to minimize impulse purchases and maximize savings. Users add frequent buys to the app’s “All Favorite Items” feature. By inputting your regular purchases into Grocery iQ, the app tailors coupon notifications to the user as well as keeps them organized, especially during bulk purchases. Grocery iQ allows consumers to categorize daily grocery lists and occasional purchases, keeping shoppers stress-free and on-budget.

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