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Easy Ways To Elevate Your Morning Routine This Summer

Here at New York Minute, we fully support Hot Girl Summer endeavors. However, being your most radiant self means making sure that your mind, body, and soul are all in tip-top shape. Glowing up from the inside out starts with a good morning routine. Consider implementing these simple practices in your mornings so you can live your best life this summer!


Meditating in the morning has been shown to have many benefits, including decreasing anxiety, increasing focus, and improving memory. While meditating may take some practice, there are many online tips and guided meditations that are perfect for beginners.

Move Your Body

Moving your body in the morning can be extremely beneficial. While doing intense exercise can be a good way to get your daily workout out of the way, it’s not the only way you can move your body in the morning. Even doing simple movements such as stretching or walking can help your blood start pumping, which actually increases your mental and physical clarity for the day.

Eat Something Nutritious

I know not everyone considers themselves a breakfast person, but if you’re up early, fueling yourself with something healthy can give you the energy you need to tackle the day ahead. Eating breakfast can also increase your concentration abilities. My favorite easy breakfasts include protein smoothies and oatmeal with fruit!

Light Some Incense

Start your day off on a positive note by lighting some incense, which can stimulate your senses, clear negative energy, and put you in a good headspace for the morning. 

Daily Journal

Having a journal to start off your day can be a great way to put you in a more centered state. I love starting my day off by writing down five things I’m grateful for, which helps me stay positive. I also like to write down any goals or priorities I have for the day and check them off as I complete my tasks. You may also find it beneficial to write down any dreams you had the night before, any lingering thoughts you have, or follow different journal prompts.


Doing my skincare routine every morning really helps me start my day off feeling clean and refreshed. I’ve recently implemented gua sha, a traditional Chinese practice, into my to-do list each morning. Gua sha comes from the Chinese word for scraping. This practice increases circulation in your face and neck, which can decrease facial bloating. Make sure you do your research from culturally accurate sources regarding which tool you should purchase and how to use it!

Drink a Large Glass of Water

Dehydration can “negatively affect alertness, concentration, short-term memory, and physical performance,” according to Healthline. Drinking water in the morning can also improve your digestion and metabolism for the day. 

Photo by Bruce Mars via Unsplash.

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