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Effortlessly Cute Hairstyles That Will Keep You Cool This Summer

Along with sunshine and beach days, the summer season also brings humidity. With humidity comes frizz, and that makes dealing with hair a bothersome task. NYMM found five  effortless hairstyles that will keep you staying cool and looking stylish in the sweltering heat.


Whether your hair is curly, straight, wavy, long, or short, this style will work to show off your tresses while keeping hair out of your face. This look is also on-trend with tons of celebrities. Section your hair by placing your thumbs on the nape of each side of your head, just in front of the ear. Pull back until your thumbs meet at the crown and separate that front section of hair from the rest of your loose mane. Style it into a bun or ponytail and secure with a hair tie. That’s it! You’re ready to take on the day while staying cool.


Dress it up or dress it down –– the sleek top knot is the best way to ensure that your hair won’t budge on a humid day. This style is great for all events and works with all outfits. You can keep it classy for a professional outing or keep it in place during an intense workout. Using gel, hairspray, or leave-in conditioner, brush your hair upwards toward the highest point on your head. Twist the hair into a spiral and hold it with a durable hair tie that matches your hair color. Get  the best results by pinning down any flyaways.


French braids are the perfect sporty style to keep your hair controlled and out of the way on  those extremely hot summer days. You can do one braid down the center of your head or split your hair down the middle and do one on each side for a more playful look. The style may take a few tries to get it right, but it quickly becomes effortless once you get the hang of it. Hundreds of free tutorials for various hair types are available on YouTube.


Similar to the half-up, half-down style, this look is perfect for keeping hair away from your face. This style works best for those with bangs that can’t be tamed or a fringe that just doesn’t grow out. Separate the front-most section of your hair from the rest and section it into two equal pieces. Twist the two pieces backwards and attach with a pin or butterfly clip to the crown of your head. For a more unique look, try separating the front section of hair into fourths.


Much like the sleek top knot, this style is suitable for all occasions and outings. Add some flair to the basic low bun by placing it on the side of your head, giving your overall look more dimension. Part your hair on the opposite side of where you want to place the bun and brush down towards the back of your neck. Feel free to make this one as neat or as messy as you’d like!

Featured Image by the golden eternity on Flickr

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