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Emmanuel Acho Advocates to Bridge the Racial Divide

Emmanuel Acho, former NFL star, takes action off the field.

Emmanuel Acho: Former Linebacker, Current Activist

Emmanuel Acho, former linebacker and current sports analyst has been instigating conversations surrounding the U.S. racial divide. Additionally, he’s made major steps in maintaining the dialogue. Acho has emphasized that listening to conversations is a good step, but not enough. You need to be an active participant in these challenging yet paramount conversations.

Acho Initiates Important Dialogue

Following George Floyd’s death, the ensuing protests, and Black Lives Matter Movement, Acho took action. He released a YouTube series, “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man”. His goal was to bridge the divide in communication between people of different races through allowing them to challenge themselves in conversation.

Emmanuel Acho on “Good Morning America”

“It has to be taken to action…It’s not enough to just listen. My goal was to start a dialogue so that my white brothers and sisters can listen, but now they need to speak…”

Emmanuel Acho, “Good Morning America”

Acho explained that he’d gotten numerous messages from white fans, questioning how they could be advocates in the fight to equality. Thus, he created his series as a tool for those trying to understand how they could contribute. Ultimately, Emmanuel desired a space to engage in uncomfortable conversations about race.

“I’m encouraged that our world will continue to coexist, but it starts with education and starts with exposure and continues as communication…Minds are ready to turn, lives are ready to be changed…”

“Good Morning America”

Acho has discussed the necessity of being mentors to youth and applying our lessons to our behavior. Additionally, he’s touched on the importance of acknowledging the distinction between “black” and “African American”.

As he continues to demonstrate determination toward bettering this country, it’s crucial that we all do our parts. However, as Acho plainly notes, it takes action. How can we follow in stride and be proactive fighters in the battle for racial equality?

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