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Explore Ed Sheeran’s Childhood Castle

Ed Sheeran grew up in Framlingham, Suffolk in England. During his youth, he enjoyed spending time with his friends. They spent time driving fast down roads to catch a glimpse of the sunset, spilling around a castle in his hometown. Sheeran’s childhood experiences inspired his popular song, “Castle on the Hill.”

According to Bustle, “During the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show, on the day he released his new music, Sheeran called ‘Castle on the Hill,’ a ‘love song for Suffolk cause I don’t think anyone’s ever done that.’”

The song was released on January 6, 2017 and it emphasizes specific memories from Sheeran’s youth, like breaking bones and first kisses. The chorus culminates in a reminiscence of the castle in his hometown: “We watched the sunset over the castle on the hill.”

The castle that Sheeran sings so lovingly about is known as Framlingham Castle, which is located in his actual hometown. According to English Heritage, “Framlingham is a magnificent late 12th-century castle, its striking outline reflected in the nearby mere. Surrounded by parkland and estates, it was once at the centre of a vast network of power and influence.”

Today, however, Framlingham Castle is a popular place for locals and tourists to visit and enjoy – as there are many activities to participate in there. One of the most attractive features of this castle is the wall walk, which allows people to walk around the curtain wall and admire the views.

English Heritage invites you to “embark on a journey of discovery around the magnificent wall walk…The castle’s curtain wall has been carefully conserved so that future generations are able to enjoy spectacular views of Framlingham mere and surrounding countryside.”

For any history lovers, Framlingham Castle also provides an exhibition, which allows people to play games, discover the history of the castle, and learn about the surrounding area.

“Visit our exhibition space where you can discover the history of Framlingham Castle and its former residents, including Mary Tudor who was proclaimed Queen of England at the castle in 1553,” reads the online exhibition description.

When hunger strikes, after admiring the breathtaking views from way up on the wall walk and learning about some history, the castle offers a variety of dishes in the Castle Café. People can taste “Tudor inspired dishes,” or go for foods that are common to the Framlingham area.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Ed Sheeran’s childhood castle is the slide. Yes, Framlingham Castle also features a giant slide, which is just over 21 feet long. It is much like the slides on playgrounds, only significantly longer. “Choose to take a more unusual approach to getting down from the castle’s wall walk and ride the 6.6 metre slide!”

The slide was introduced as part of renovations to the castle, according to BBC News. “Visitors to the castle which inspired Ed Sheeran’s Castle On The Hill are sliding through time as part of a £1.2m conservation and improvement project.”

However, BBC News also reports that the this is “a temporary slide on scaffolding to carry visitors from the top of the castle wall to the courtyard below.” After October, the slide will no longer be around, so people should take advantage of this great piece of Framlingham Castle before it is gone.

It is no wonder that Ed Sheeran could not “wait to go home.”

Visitors can explore the castle, discover history, eat traditional meals, and watch the sunset over the castle on the hill when they visit Sheeran’s hometown. With a variety of fascinating activities, Framlingham Castle is a great destination for all to visit.

Featured Image by Ludmila Joaquina Valentina Buyo on Flickr
Public Domain Mark 1.0

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