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Eye Roll Worthy Stereotypes about Women

1.Periods are blood monsoons

Yes, we complain about bleeding and flow but imagine how we felt when we first learned what a period was. Good news! It is controllable and only sometimes are we caught slipping with a spot.

2.Menstrual pain is theatrical

When we say menstrual pain can send us to the hospital, we aren’t bluffing. Cramps feel like a ball of needles in your stomach, back pains make your body stiff and sore and the occasional migraine will take you out for the count. All in one day.

3.Birth control controls birth

Let’s be clear: birth control has more uses than to decrease the likelihood of pregnancy. For those struggling with abnormal menstrual cycles and pains, BC comes pretty handy. Also, there is still a possibility that a woman on BC can get pregnant, so use protection please!

4.Vaginas have flavors

Some women believe it too. Eating certain fruits or dieting a specific way is assumed to make the vagina more … tasty. That. Is. False. Every woman is different and the way our bodies manage pH balances and cleansing, artificial flavors were never in the mix.

5.Hairiness means poor hygiene

Women were not born hairless creatures. Get your head out of la la land. Some women don’t mind a little stubble under the armpit and around the bikini line. Guess what? They are still beautiful and probably smell like flowers. Worry about your own hair.

6.We are walking hormone monsters

Yes, we can experience heightened emotions at times whether on our period or not. However, our ability to think clearly and logically remains undefeated. I may be crying over the Cheetos I dropped on the floor, but I can still carry on a conversation.

7.We are weak

Let’s stop pretending women can’t lift. Though men biologically maintain more muscle, we can meet that same amount of muscle and also handle pain at a way higher tolerance. One word: birth. And emotionally? We can handle way more than you’d ever think to bare.

8. We’re bitches

Women don’t go around being mean for no reason. We’re assertive. We have standards and when we are in positions of power, we will voice our expectations. If you can’t handle the pressure, that’s on you. “Bitches” get things done.

9.We all want kids

Families continuously ask, “So, when are you planning to have kids?” like that was a plan to begin with. Women enjoy independence and sometimes strive for careers that may not make room for babies and that’s okay. Also, some women cannot have children, so let’s patronize them.

10.Platonic relationships don’t exi-

Some women genuinely don’t care for the romantics. Having regular-degular guy friends is normal. Also, kill the stigma about the “friend zone” being the worst place to be. Sometimes, women focus on friendship before taking the next step.

11.Dress to impress (everyone else)

Let’s be honest. It’s a blessing to be graced with the beauty of a beat face, fresh outfit and aesthetic to match. However, the only people we aim to impress are ourselves. Be grateful you were a witness.

12.Obsessed with romance

We don’t always care for the romantics. Truthfully, the media’s ideas of romance can be pretty overdone. Whether it’s what we like to watch or talk about, there’s other things on our minds besides who will be our knight in shining armor (like Chipotle coupons and the next season of The Crown).

13.We need men

They’ve proven to be less needed over and over and over again. Why do we need them to fix things if there’s a YouTube tutorial? Just face the facts, a network of women is just as powerful as a heard of men. We think alike, we move alike and we always get things done.

14.We are into “girly” things

It’s 2020. Time to set aside the stereotypes and gender roles. Pink is nice but we like other colors. Skirts are cute but most of us prefer pants. Activities and trends that are more popular to men are also popular to women.

15.We need attention 24/7

To be honest, we’d prefer to be left alone more times than not. Everyone deserves time to themselves and enjoy the comfort of privacy. When we want attention, we’ll let you know.

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