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Fall NYFW-Inspired DIY Looks

The fall season is upon us, and with it comes New York Fashion Week fall fashion! If you’re excited about cozy infinite scarves and leather boots, we’re right there with you. To fuel our closets and try some fun little DIY projects, let’s go through some great DIYs that will recreate the chicest street styles spotted at NYFW that are sure to compliment your coming seasonal wardrobe.

Jean Jacket with Cozy Sleeves Hack

I’m sure you’ve seen the great jean jackets many people wear during autumn that feature cloth sleeves. It turns out you can easily make your own! Take an old jean jacket that you don’t have much use for and cut off the sleeves at the seam. Then, find a gray long-sleeve pullover or another long-sleeved shirt of your choice, as long as the material is thick.

Cut the sleeves off and sew them to the inside seam of your newly made jean vest! This jacket is fashionable, comfortable, and a great piece to pair with countless outfits. Special thanks to Fashion Trend Seeker for this cool idea!

Choker T-Shirt

These shirts have proved to be very popular through summer and fall, and they look great paired with skinny jeans, a jacket, and pretty much all other fall essentials. All you’ll need to do is pick out a slightly oversized, graphic tee. Next, cut along the lower neck seam. Once you’ve cut from beginning to end of the front collar, cut a V-neck downwards from the end of your seam. This shirt is good to wear for the classroom, while also being just as fitting for a concert. You’ll definitely get great use of this piece.

Fishnet Everything

Fishnet stockings and socks are very in this season – just look at most of the ankles around you. The latest look to wear is ankle-length fishnets underneath ankle boots, which is a great statement for both casual styles and nighttime-wear. If you’d like to take the fishnet look further, a trick you can try is taking a dark wash pair of skinny jeans that you wouldn’t mind cutting. Make a small cut on wherever you like, and take the fishnet-fabric and cover the opening with it. This will definitely make a great statement piece while also making creative use of the latest fashion trend.

Bundle up with the best looks this fall, and greet the new season with the perfect closet to match. Happy pumpkin picking!

Featured Image by S Pakhrin on Flickr

Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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