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Meet the Fastest Female Runner in the World

What’s better than seeing badass women break down barriers by completely dominating in their profession? Tori Bowie is making waves as an absolute star on the track field, and NYMM thinks this incredible woman deserves some recognition for her excellence in the sport. Bowie is a three-time Olympic medalist and a two-time NCAA champion. Just last week, she competed in the Adidas Boost Boston Games and the Prefontaine Classic and accomplished some incredible feats.

At the Prefontaine Classic, Bowie beat two Olympic champions in the 200-meter. On Sunday, the athlete set the new world record in the women’s 150-meter race. This race is not competed regularly, and its course had to be built specifically for the event. The competition took place on an elevated 200-meter straight track that some may find challenging because of its sheer uniqueness. Bowie responded to the challenge with excitement, saying, “It was here last year that I competed in the 100 meters and it was a great experience and I came back this year and it was even better. For sure it is the environment here and you know that everybody is excited. I could feel it and it’s been great.” Bowie’s excitement speaks to her incredible attitude, which sees no challenge as insurmountable.

In this unusual race, Bowie ran with a time of 16.30 seconds. She was immediately followed by U.S. runners Shalonda Solomon, who came in second place with a time of 16.81 seconds, and Tiffany Townsend, who came in third place with a time of 16.84 seconds. Previously, the world best for the course was 16.50, a record set by Carmelita Jeter, a three-time Olympic medalist like Bowie, in 2011.

On setting the newest world record, Bowie has said, “It hasn’t really sunk in yet because I just did it. I’m just trying to stay focused for the U.S. nationals and that’s the main goal.” Bowie dominates because of this incredible focus and her ability to set and reach her goals. She continued, “I take each meet very seriously and I’m going out to dominate. I’m really confident in what I’m doing and my legs are good now.” Bowie’s confidence is clear and warranted, as she has worked hard to earn this record and many more accomplishments.  

Bowie was not the only athlete to set records at the Dilboy Memorial Stadium on Sunday. Shaunae Miler-Uibo, a runner from the Bahamas, set her own record in the 200-meter straight event. She ran with a time of 21.76 seconds, which was 0.79 seconds faster than the previous world record set by Allyson Felix in 2010. While setting this record, Miler-Uibo managed to surpass two-time Olympian and Olympic relay medalists Natasha Hastings and Kimberlyn Duncan.

This was a huge day for female athletes, as these two formidable women both broke world records for their respective races. As powerful athletes who don’t let any challenge discourage them, Bowie and Miler-Uibo are inspiring examples for all women and girls, no matter what they are pursuing.

Featured Image by Agência Brasil Fotografias on Flickr

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