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Find the Best Parking Spot for Less

The struggle of parking may be alleviated with apps like ParkWhiz and Parking Panda. With these apps, finding free or cheap parking spots will be a breeze, making any excursion a simpler one.


With 100,000– 500,000 app installations under its belt, ParkWhiz is taking the stress out of finding a parking spot. Since its conception in 2006, ParkWhiz offers solutions to all your parking lot pet peeves, providing users with helpful information to locate and book the most optimal spaces. The app, available for download on both iTunes and Android, allows users to find and reserve parking spots and save up to 50 percent on drive up rates. Simply type in your destination’s address and within seconds hundreds of parking locations are at your fingertips. Moreover, the app offers up­–to–date price comparisons, making the ordeal time efficient and cost–effective.

Headquartered in Chicago, ParkWhiz specializes in finding available spots in congested areas. The app allows users to secure great deals on reputable garages and parking lots in over 200 cities throughout the U.S., including Washington DC, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and Nashville. In New York alone, ParkWhiz covers over 37,734 spaces.

A jack–of–all trades parking app, ParkWhiz also offers a variety of options, from daily or monthly parking to airport and event parking. ParkWhiz covers over 500 venues nationwide, including NFL stadiums, concert arenas, such as Madison Square Garden, and theaters. Additionally, with connections to 2,000 licensed parking providers and partnerships with companies such as FordPass and StubHub, ParkWhiz maximizes accessibility in lots and garages across the country, taking the headache out of road travel.

Parking Panda

Comparable to ParkWhiz, is the small–scale but just as economically friendly Parking Panda. With Parking Panda, users have thousands of parking options in over 40 cities across North America at their disposal, ranging from Atlanta to Toronto. The app offers real–time price comparisons and users can save up to 70 percent on their parking spot rentals. Parking Panda also covers a wide variety of airports, with spaces available in LAX, JFK, and Orlando International airport. In addition to the app’s discounted–parking perks, users can earn up to 250 dollars in credit through Parking Panda’s friendship referral system. Users are assigned invitation codes and may invite their friends via social media to sign up with Parking Panda using their code. For every friend that signs up and spends over 10 dollars through booking spaces with Parking Panda, users can earn 5 dollars in credits. These credits can be redeemed for Parking Panda gift cards.

Airport Parking Reservations

A leading provider in discounted airport parking, Airport Parking Reservations specializes in ensuring its users find economical parking in airport and off airport lots across America and Canada, as well as covering spaces at a variety of cruise ports throughout the nation. Users can book spaces for up to 70 percent off. The app also offers parking coupons for hundreds of U.S. airports and a select number of Canadian airports. Upon entering the coupon code, users can save 5 dollars on their parking pass for that particular airport. Plus, Airport Parking Reservations provides “park, sleep, fly” packages for travelers that stay in select hotels, offering customers free parking for at the hotel for the duration of the trip and free transportation to and from the airport. Since the company’s founding in 2000, Airport Parking Reservations has managed over 3 million airport parking reservations in over 550 parking lots in both the U.S. and Canada.

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