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Five 2000s Trends to Follow

As women begin to explore what they like in fashion, trends from the past serve as an influence. The 2000s was beyond the awkward skirt-jean combinations and colorful hair streaks. Some fads have been reworked and upgraded into the outfits you save for later on Instagram. Check out these 2000s fashion trends to reconsider. 

1.Low Rise Jeans

High-waisted jeans took over the past few years with great influence. However, low rise jeans still make the cut for some outfits. If you’re a fan of crop tops or slight midriff, low rise jeans will help you show off some skin. Consider adding a belt or chain to hang around your waist for a finishing touch.

2.Track/Sweat Suits

Baby Phat and Juicy Couture taught girls at a young age to love a good co-ord. Websites now feature matching sweat suits to keep up with those trends. Whether you like joggers and oversized crew-necks or slim fitting yoga’s with a cropped sweat jacket, the combo is a quick comfy outfit for heading outside. 2000s fashion influencers like to coordinate colors with crop tops and graphic tees for an extra touch of style.

3.Almost Gaudy Jewelry

Simple jewelry, step aside. One of the tokens of black culture taken for the trend are chunky bamboo earrings and enormous hoops. Another accent to put a bold touch on a simple fit are thick diamond studded necklaces and bracelets with pendants of butterflies or whatever Etsy allows you to customize. If you like to layer, a popular combination features gold chains with your name, birth year or zodiac sign. Give your simple outfit some love with a little more bling. 

4.Flare Pants

To give some extra emphasis to your curves, flare pants are a great addition to your closet. Traveling from the 60s, flare pants have been the go-to from adorning party outfits to even a classy brunch look. You can choose from denim, faux leather or even just a comfy yoga pair to hang around in. Flare pants go with almost any top you pair it with. Grab some and see for yourself.

5.Colors and Prints

Fashion has begun moving from solid colors and mod attire. Explore the bright shades that compliment your skin and don’t be afraid to try one out of your range. If your closet lacks some depth, add a print in there to spice things up. When combined with the right piece of clothing, patterns and colors can make your entire outfit POP. Cheetah print and polka dots can do an outfit wonders.

Featured Image by Andrea Coleman on Unsplash

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