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Five At-Home Treatments to Look Hot for Spring

If you’re like me, you’re dreading swimsuit season. The winter was bountiful with fabulous food. Soon we’ll have to shed our coats, long sleeves and boots and introduce the world to what we’ve been hiding since November. 

Fortunately, New York Minute Magazine has come to the rescue. Starting the swimsuit season off in a healthy state is the smart way to hotness. You’d be surprised what Mother Nature and your medicine cabinet can do to push you into organic beauty. Men, this is for you too. If we have to look good, so do you. 

 So lets get you started on your road to hotness from feet to head.  

Put Your Smooth Feet Forward

This concrete jungle can take it’s toll on your feet. We walk a lot  in this city and often in uncomfortable shoes. You might have to invest in a series of expensive pedicures to sport smooth feet in flip flops…or you can try this trick: before you go to bed, put Petroleum Jelly all over your feet, then wrap them in plastic wrap. If you need to, put on socks to keep everything in place while you sleep. Get yourself into some serious REM sleep and wake up to smoother feet. Try it and thank me in the morning. 

Shrink a Little at a Time

Some of us, I’m sure not you, gained a bit of winter weight. While we may have confined ourselves to smoothies and salads, there’s still a little bit extra we can do to help rev up our metabolism. No, I don’t mean working out. I hate exercise, so I’m sure not about to recommend it. To me, it’s a necessary evil I’ve managed to ignore for the last year or so. 

I’m talking about Apple Cider Vinegar. Seriously. Apple Cider Vinegar can increase your metabolism. All you have to do is dilute a tablespoon or two in a glass of water and drink before your meals. Make sure to buy organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the floaty bits. It looks peculiar, but you’ll feel the difference in a few days. Just don’t forget the water; Apple Cider Vinegar is very acidic. 

 Also, my friend Jeffrey swears by this magic potion and says if you put it in your hair, you’ll want to stay home all day staring at yourself. 

Forget the Ash

This winter was brutal. Chances are you need some sun rays stat, but more importantly, you want silky skin. The cure to your woes is at Trader Joe’s; pardon the rhyme. 

Coconut Oil is your best friend in ridding yourself of dry winter skin. After you shower, lather the oil all over your skin. I learned this trick from my friend Sadiqa. Not only will you instantaneously feel more luxurious, you’ll smell like a tropical vacation. You can put the Coconut Oil all over your body; even your face and hair. Go on, I dare you!

Face Off

Admit it, you want to be glowing this spring. Either you can go to an expensive aesthetician for facials, microdermabrasion and peels or do it the cheap way; an at-home mask. 

Grab some white cane sugar and vegetable glycerin to moisten the sugar (equal amount to sugar) and mix together. Add a healing agent that dissolves well in water like vitamin C crystals or Aloe Vera gel. Combine all the ingredients and put the goo on your face for about four to five minutes. Voila! Glow!

Brighten Up

One of the things people may notice about you first is your smile. We all spend so much time and money whitening our teeth. After you shell out hundreds of dollars for a whitening treatment at the dentist, you mean to keep your teeth as white as possible. 

If you’re like me, coffee is a way of life. So how do you keep coffee stains at bay? I thank my sister for sharing her secret that I’m now passing to the world. After you drink coffee, tea or anything that can stain teeth (green veggies, red wine, etc.) rinse your mouth with water and gargle with hydrogen peroxide. It’s safe to do as long as you don’t swallow the Hydrogen Peroxide. Not only will you brighten your teeth, but you’ll kill bacteria. 

Try not to break too many hearts.

Off you go to a world of beauty. Share the love with your friends as we can all use some money-saving tips. Let us know in the comments below if these tricks work for you and if you’d like us to research more tricks for you. We’d be happy to be your lab rats. 

Featured Image by Breakingpic on Pexels

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