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Five Feminist Influencers You Should Be Following

From Kim Kardashian’s Flat Tummy Tea sponsored posts to an endless stream of catty reality TV stars, social media influencers have a reputation for being vapid, anti-feminist scammers. But this stigma is unwarranted; there are plenty of Instagram accounts dedicated to empowering their female followers instead of selling them a fad diet. Here’s six of New York Minute Magazine’s favorite accounts on Instagram!


Girls At Library (GAL) is an online journal that features articles about badass women writers and their work. Their GORGEOUS Instagram feed, “invites readers to take an intimate look at how story has shaped women’s lives.” GAL’s feed is aesthetically pleasing and informative (Vintage photos of girls reading and black-and-white pics of literary icons? Yes please!), helping them build an inclusive community of female bookworms around the world.


The passion project of prolific director Tabitha Denholm, Women Under The Influence (WUTI) is a diverse network of female filmmakers and creatives. Denholm’s goal is to empower young women to make their own movies, instead of just watching them–and since only four percent of the directors of Hollywood blockbusters are women, this is desperately needed. This network is more accessible than ever before, thanks to WUTI’s beautifully designed Instagram page, where you can find out about screenings, festivals, and other events that celebrate women in film.


MAKERS uplifts the voices of the men and women across every industry working towards gender equality. From articles and interviews to a yearly conference that, “brings together the most powerful names in business, entertainment, tech, and finance to explore ways to accelerate the [feminist] movement,” MAKERS supports women through almost every outlet possible. If you want to get involved in a dynamic network of diverse feminists, MAKERS’ Instagram is a great place to start! Their feed features empowering quotes from awesome women, #relatable memes, and a wealth of information about important issues, like the glass ceiling and pay gap.


The Girl Mob is a “digital sisterhood” for young women of color. Girl Mob’s website hosts various articles, essays, interviews, photo journals, and other projects in an effort to, “bridge the communication gap between the women in our communities.” Their feed will inform you of the most pressing issues impacting women of color across the country, which are usually underreported in mainstream media, and provide your daily dose of fun sex tips and hilarious memes.


This nonpartisan nonprofit is dedicated to getting women to run for political office at every level. She Should Run’s ambitious goal of seeing 250,000 women run for office won’t happen on its own, so they have curated a network and community for supporting women in politics. On She Should Run’s Instagram page, you can find everything from 10 Things I Hate About You quotes to essential resources for women considering entering the overwhelming world of politics.

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    Dastin Carrow

    August 15, 2020 at 10:24 pm

    Thanks, Maddie. Really women gonna get inspiration from them. And they are the real feminists. They are empowering women to get the respect she should get.

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