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Five Ways to Keep Fighting for Black Lives

Black lives still matter. Though the protests have slowed and your Instagram feed is “back to normal”, a new normal must be established. Persistence will bring justice to all fallen black lives. Here are five things you can do to keep momentum.

1.Create Petitions for Local Legislation

Does your state allow stop and frisk? No knock warrants? Is a hate crime considered worthy of legal punishment? Put together a list to confront your local court. In your local community, there are black lives affected greatly by government decisions. You may feel like your voice is small but with support, you can make a great impact and make life safer for black people. 

2. Spread the Names of Other Victims 

Elijah McClain’s death had been reopened for investigation after almost two whole years. Plenty more names have not even scratched the surface of social media nor an investigation. The importance of spreading awareness to these deaths is vital toward bringing them justice, soothing the pain of their families and exposing the growing habit of crimes committed by police to be ignored.

3.Demand Accountability 

Some people began exposing racist incidents at their universities or places of work. The second something happens, it goes straight to social media and penalties for such racist behavior are demanded. If the fight hasn’t started where you are, you might as well begin it. Think beyond a Black Lives Matter statement and encourage real action. Black people deserve to experience life without the perils of racial harassment. 

4.Watch Shows Displaying REAL Black Experiences 

Insecure, Dear White People, Pose, the list goes on and on. Please steer yourself away from the stereotypes and negative misconceptions perpetuated by television about black people. Enlighten yourself on the black perspective through a few shows based on authentic black experiences. 

5.Donate to Nonprofits Catering to Black People

There resides a black population in every state who needs help. Whether it’s access to healthcare, education or even food, there are many organizations and nonprofits to provide them with the resources they need. Take a moment to donate to a cause dedicated toward the betterment of the black community.

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