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Forget the Jewelry Store, DIY Your Accessories!

For this week’s DIY, we’re giving our accessories a personal touch. Learn how to make a delicate ring, stylish stud earrings, and personalized pins to complete a look that is all your own!

Gold Chevron Ring

To make this dainty little ring, all you’ll need is thin gold wire (0.6 mm), wire cutters, and a round-nose jewelry plier.

Start by cutting a small length of wire, folding it in half, and using the plier to push the wire together to create a point. The point creates the focal point of this ring!

Carefully spread the wire with your pliers, and fold the wire around your finger. This next step is important in terms of nailing the shape of the ring. Press down the front of the ring onto a table and fold the wire together at the back.

Cut the wire shorter, but leave yourself room to twist the ends closed. Finish this twist with the round-nose pliers and you’re done! You can follow the helpful steps on creator A Pair & A Spare’s site for visuals of this delicate ring.

Stud Earrings

To make these cute studs, you will need: stud backings, earring backs, wax paper, any beads of your choice, and industrial glue. Pick out some pretty beads and let’s get started!

Dot some glue onto your wax paper. Take your stud backing and dip it into the glue. Once it has a nice coating of glue, press your beads back against the glue. Let your new earrings sit for 24 to 48 hours, and disinfect the stud backings before enjoying your creation! Check out Brown Paper’s Fox’s video of these chic earrings.

Personalized Pins

The results of this project are too cute! You’ll just need Shrinky Dinks paper, found at Michaels.

Sketch out some designs on separate pieces of paper. Keep in mind that the shrinking process of this project shrinks your designs two to three times smaller than they are, so be sure to sketch big!

Make sure the matte side is facing up, and trace your designs with a permanent marker onto the Shrinky Dinks paper. Now comes the coloring! Color in your designs however you wish, and then cut the designs out. Set your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit, and line a baking tray with brown craft paper. Lay your designs onto the paper and pop them into the oven!

The designs will proceed to take up some funky movements in the oven, curling and uncurling within the first minute. Once the designs flatten out and stop shrinking, leave them in for an additional 30 seconds, then take them out. Once they’re out of the oven, use something flat to press down the designs, so that all stray edges are flattened.

After the designs have cooled, take them off the paper, and feast your eyes on the most adorable pins you’ve ever seen! All you’ll need to do next is super glue pin-backs onto the backs of your designs, or, as an easier solution, super glue a safety pin sideways, leaving the opening pointing outwards for use as your makeshift pin! Check out TheSorryGirls’ video on this lovely creation if you’d like to see the final product for yourself!

Looks like you can now complete any outfit with an accessory of your own making! Enjoy your new look, along with the admiring looks you’ll be getting.

Featured Image by Jasmine Cat on Flickr

Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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