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Forgot Your Password? Not Anymore with These Apps

Let’s face it, trying to remember all of the different passwords from different websites and emails you have created over the years can be a pain in the butt. As for the password strength, Bill Burr, the father of the modern-day password, recently said, “it’s probably better to do fairly long passwords that are phrases, or something like that, that you can remember than to try to get people to do lots of funny characters.”

While the standards for passwords might be changing, we still need a place to collect our many passwords. Here are three apps that will help you remember and build stronger passwords: 


Dashlane is one of the many apps that can help you build unique passwords, and can even help you remember your security questions and answers for certain sites. This app prides itself on being able to keep you on task by remembering your passwords for you. They even mention on their website, “think of all the time you spend filling out forms and logging into websites. You can cut all that time out of your life, get it back, and do something better with it when you use Dashlane.”

The app offers password storage, which includes secure encryptions and online transactions. This app truly aims to make it safe and easy to login to all of your favorite websites and apps on any device.

Dashlane is free for download and available on both iOS and Android devices.


LastPass is an app that works similarly to 1Password. It only requires you to remember a single master password in order to access the different passwords that you have created over the years.

According to the app’s description, “The app aims to simplify your digital life. You can store passwords and logins, create online shopping profiles, generate strong passwords, track personal information in photo and audio notes, and more. All you have to do is remember your LastPass master password, and LastPass autofills web browser and app logins for you.”

LastPass is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.


mSecure is yet another app that can help you keep your passwords safe. Not only will the app store passwords, but it will also keep track of your records for insurance policies, frequent-flyer numbers, and credit cards. The app claims to be hacker proof because, according to the website,  it utilizes additional layers of security for sensitive data “including the ability to change a password or auto locking the app when it’s not in use.”

Their website declares, “don’t sacrifice your security for convenience. You can easily manage all your data and access your information anywhere. The app secures your data and passwords behind industry standard AES-256 bit encryption. mSecure’s intuitive interface to the flexible prebuilt data templates, mSecure makes it simple to add, find, and organize data and passwords while intelligent syncing allows you to stay connected wherever you are—mobile or desktop, at work or at home.”

They continue saying, “no matter the platform, mSecure is the most secure and straightforward solution to managing your passwords and other sensitive information.”

mSecure is free for download on iOS and Android devices.

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