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Four Romantic Comedies That Aren’t Sexist

Rom-coms are a girl’s best friend. Who doesn’t love snuggling up with some junk food and watching a fictional hottie be the dreamiest boyfriend ever? But rom-coms are also a guilty pleasure. It isn’t exactly feminist for women’s lives to depend on a man, no matter how hot he might be, so NYMM found four guilt-free romantic comedies with badass female leads. Lucky for you, we’ve got movie night covered!



There’s a lot more to love about Clueless than the adorable ‘90s aesthetic. This 1995 chickflick starring Alicia Silverstone takes the plot of the Jane Austin novel Emma and throws it into a modern-day Beverly Hills highschool. The outcome is hilarious, and most importantly, viewers get to ogle a very attractive 20-something Paul Rudd. .The most important part of Clueless is its progressive feminist politics. Clueless explores the messy world of female friendship, gives its female characters full sexual autonomy, and celebrates femininity. Whether you’re watching it for the eye-candy or for female empowerment, Clueless is a great rom-com for any girls night.


Isn’t It Romantic

Featuring the iconic Pitch-Perfect star Rebel Wilson, Isn’t It Romantic takes everything you know about the genre and flips it on its head. Wilson’s character is concussed into a stereotypical rom-com. Since it’s totally self-aware, Isn’t It Romantic pokes fun at  many sexist tropes of the genre. Wilson is also a body positive icon, so this movie is filled with feelgood messages of empowerment and self-love.


Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!

Lily James plays a young Meryl Streep in this delightful musical romantic-comedy. James’ short flings with three ridiculously hot men leads her to question who the real father of her child is, but the movie doesn’t judge her for exploring her sexuality. Better yet, by the end of the film, James’ character realizes that she doesn’t need a man, and she raises the child by herself. You go girl!


Crazy Rich Asians

This 2018 summer blockbuster made waves for being one of the first rom-coms with Asian representation. The film’s protagonist Rachel Chu is thrown for a loop when she meets her boyfriend’s family and realizes they are, as the title suggests, “crazy rich.”  What makes Crazy Rich Asians unique is that the protagonist and her love-interest are already an item, so she doesn’t need to spend the whole movie trying to get a man’s attention. Instead, Rachel has to navigate the family drama and her own culture shock. Rachel is one of the most well-rounded female protagonists on this list; her hopes, fears, and struggles are the center of attention.

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