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Free Live Performances to Stream During Your COVID-19 Self-Quarantine

During COVID-19, many theaters and production companies are offering free streaming for their shows and events. Here are some of the live performances currently available for streaming. 


1. The Metropolitan Opera

Known for its astounding operatic performances and high quality, the Metropolitan Opera has begun a nightly stream of its shows. Everything from Verdi to Wagner will be streaming nightly on the Metropolitan Opera’s website. Whether you’re a diehard opera fan, or even if you think it would be fun to give opera a shot, check out the Metropolitan Opera’s website for the schedule of shows streaming over the next few weeks.

2. iHeart Radio’s “Living Room Concert” hosted by Elton John

A lengthy concert put on by iHeart radio and superstar Elton John, the “Living Room Concert” features musical legends from Alicia Keys to Mariah Carey performing in their homes to encourage people to remain home and put social distancing into practice. Though the concert aired on FOX on March 29th, the full series is still available to stream and enjoy on Youtube

3. Broadway 

As of right now, there are no set plans to livestream any performances from Broadway, which is probably a good thing since Cats is already weird enough without all the performers having to stay six-feet apart. However, there are several streaming services that can provide a pre-recorded Broadway experience. If you have Amazon Prime, you can check out all their available shows and plays, though they’re not necessarily Broadway performances. Another option is to check out BroadwayHD, which is a streaming service specifically for Broadway shows that offers a convenient seven-day free trial.

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