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Fun Brain-Teasing Apps

There is a myth out there in the world that we only use about 10 percent of our brain; however, this is more science fiction than fact. In truth, we use most of our brain throughout the day. According to researchers, “Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology has found that there are no dormant parts of the brain. In fact, most of your brain is active almost all of the time.”

It is very important to keep your mind active, especially in a world where we don’t need to use quite as much brainpower to find information. Active minds need outlets where they can grow and recharge. Here are three apps that will challenge your brain and keep your mind active and healthy.

Word of the Day:

With the Word of the Day app you can improve your vocabulary by learning new words everyday. The app, created by Unity, gives you the definition of the word, helps with pronunciations, and saves your favorite words for future reference.


According to the app’s description, “There’re thousands of words we don’t know the meaning. Professional English language tutors and lecturers gathered to handpick the most interesting words for you to develop your vocabulary. Scientists say that if to learn one new English word each day your brain acts faster and feels healthier.”

The Word of the Day app is free and available for download on iOS devices.

Clockwork Brain Training:

This app offers a way to test your memory, attention, reasoning, dexterity, and language skills. Clockwork Brain Training features puzzles like Label It, which tests your language skills by having you guess the object by only viewing its silhouette. Another popular game the app features is called Chase the Numbers, which tests your memory by having you remember the order of the numbers that appear on the screen.

According to the app’s description, “Whether you are a puzzle game fan, a brain fitness enthusiast, or just looking for a fun and productive way to pass the time and exercise your brain, look no further! Sprocket, the friendly robot, will be your guide!”

Clockwork Brain Training is free and available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

Charge Your Brain:

This is an app similar to Clockwork Brain Training in that it uses games to stimulate your brain. Charge Your Brain helps you set aside five to 10 minutes a day where you can focus on fun games that will improve memory and challenge the brain.

There are dozens of mini-games to choose from, so, you will never get sick of playing the same game. One of the games offered in Charge Your Brain, called Flash-Memory, challenges you by showing you a number that you need to remember for later. Then the game has you solve mathematical problems, count 3D blocks, remember different sounds, and sort images.

According to the app’s description, “Charge Your Brain is not just a perfect time killer, but a good logic game as well. If you play this brain teaser every day you can see the progress: you will cope with the tasks faster. Besides you can choose different modes: Easy, Normal, or Hard. The variety of mini-games is striking, so you won’t be bored! For example, during one minute you will be shown sets of pictures and you will have to find paired images among them as quickly as you can.”

Charge Your Brain is free and available for download on iOS devices.

With these three apps, you can help your brain stay active and healthy!

Featured Image by Eduardo García Cruz on Flickr

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