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Feeling Down? 8 Games to Play during Quarantine

Whether you are with family, friends, or alone, COVID-19 has given many of us much more free time in our days. I have compiled a list of stimulating, fun games to try during the global pandemic.

Hopefully the following list of games to play during quarantine can lift your spirits!

1. Ghost

Ghost is a spoken word game that requires no materials other than the participants- this is perfect for those who are running out of activities during quarantine. Players take turns adding letters to the end of a word, trying to make another player spell out the word while avoiding spelling a word themselves. This is a great game for someone who loves games like scrabble and boggle.

2. Kemps

Kemps is a four-person card game where players are in teams of two. The aim for each player is to have four matching cards. Players must create a secret way of communicating when one of them has the four matching cards. Then, they must draw cards until someone has four of a kind and finally successfully and secretly communicates this to their partner. This is a game that gets your creative juices flowing and usually results in wanting to play over and over again. 

3. Disc Golf

Disc golf is similar to golf, but is played with disc golf discs rather than balls and clubs. The game can be played solo or in a group; in addition, players can use separate materials. Evidentially, it is a perfect game for those who are trying to uphold health recommendations. Find information on disc golf locations here.

4. That’s What She Said

That’s What She Said is a twist on the popular Cards Against Humanity, and is perfect for your next game night. This is a fantastic game to play during quarantine for when your family is feeling overwhelmed about the conditions of the world. 

5. Buzzfeed Quiz Parties

Buzzfeed now offers quizzes that you can take in real time with your friends. Get a group of your friends together and have a well-deserved laugh in the midst of enduring loneliness.

6. Codenames

Codenames is a board game designed for 4-8 players in teams of two. This is a spinoff of Battleship, where instead of uncovering ships, teams compete to uncover words, using code words. 

7. Cornhole

Cornhole is an outdoor lawn game where four players compete, taking turns throwing bags of corn kernels into raised platforms with holes. The aim is to get the bags of corn into the holes and earn as many points as possible with your partner. This is a great evening activity for families with yards. 

8. Jenga

Jenga is a unique board game, as it is not on a board but rather consists of a tower of blocks. Players take turns removing blocks, hoping they do not cause the tower to fall. This is one of my favorite games for family nights; great for bringing out fun, competitive spirit.

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