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Gardening 101: Five Gardening Tips for Those Lacking a Green Thumb

Many of us are running out of new hobbies and exciting activities to do during the quarantine. Luckily, as we near the end of May the weather is getting nicer and we are able to do more new things outside, like gardening, begin outdoor projects, and spend time in the sun!

Of course, gardening is not the easiest task for everyone, and not everyone has a green thumb. But because gardening can be an excellent time filler and an exciting way to create your own food, we decided to compile five gardening tips for those lacking a green thumb. 

So grab your gardening tools and your boots, get outside on a nice day and start to plant your first garden during quarantine!

Happy planting!

1. Start small

If this is your first garden, there’s no need to start too big or take on too much of a task. At your local hardware store or market, you’ll be able to buy seeds and plant and vegetable starters for planting. Make sure you talk to employees, research what you’d like to plant and go for the easiest plants and vegetables to maintain. Some easy to plant vegetables for beginners include lettuce,which is really easy to harvest and grows quickly, and tomatoes!

2. Get the right equipment

Perhaps one of the easiest steps to planting a good garden is getting started with the right gardening tools. Consider planting near a water source, or having a watering can nearby. You may also need garden scissors and a gardening hoe! You also want to make sure you are wearing clothes you don’t mind getting dirty or wet.

3. Follow the sun!

Every good garden needs to be located in a good spot for sunlight—vegetable plants need at least six hours of sunlight in order to survive and grow correctly, so make sure you understand where the sunlight is coming from and how long it will be on your plants every day!

4. Make sure you have some great soil

You want to invest in a soil that has a good deal of nutrients in it and has been really well drained. A lot of people opt for Miracle-Gro all Purpose Garden Soil, and mix it into the top 8 inches of existing soil if you are planting directly into the ground. Soil can be the gamechanger of your garden, and you want to make sure you have the best foundation possible.

5. Feed your plants regularly 

As long as you start with good soil, you will have the perfect foundation and base for your garden, but you want to make sure you are adding extra nutrition for your plants throughout their growth cycle as well. Many hardware stores and markets sell All Purpose Plant Food which is a perfect ingredient to add to your garden!

Featured Image by gordonplant on Flickr

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