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GasBuddy Pumps to Lower Prices

Gasoline prices reaching astronomical levels this year, and experts predict these prices will only continue going up. However, the website GasBuddy shows users the cheapest prices within their area, saving drivers both money and headaches on gas expenses.

Since 2000, GasBuddy has helped users find the most reasonable priced or inexpensive gas stations within their area. The Boston–based company began a website that offered the most updated information regarding fuel prices, road trip guides, user–submitted station reviews, and other cost cutting tips. By 2009, developers expanded GasBuddy, creating the mobile GasBuddy app, available for free to download on iTunes and Android.

Today, in 2017, drivers, experts, and statists alike still refer to GasBuddy for daily fuel price updates, using one of the app’s most prominent features known as Fuel Insights. With two million updated price statistics of over 140,000 stations in the US, Canada, and Australia submitted daily to its database, GasBuddy is the ultimate gasoline pump price guru for money savers. Currently, various news reporters and news stations refer to GasBuddy’s price analyses in the ongoing tracking of the highs and lows surrounding today’s fuel market.

The site’s data is managed by a comprehensive team of experienced and professional analysts, who relay accurate information on the state of the oil industry and gasoline prices. Recently, these analysts forecasted the average price of gasoline in the US will raise to $2.49 per gallon; 36 cents more than last year, and the highest price of gas within the past three years.

However, while GasBuddy predicts a high rise in gasoline prices for 2017, its price comparison feature can still save drivers on daily gas expenses. Simply enter your location, and GasBuddy will find the most price–friendly pumps within your community or region. Currently, for the US and Canada, GasBuddy reports on regular, midgrade, premium, and diesel gasoline grades. The app even comes with an interactive price map feature, making locating the cheapest stations quick and easy. Additionally, if you’re planning a road trip, GasBuddy’s trip cost calculator guides users to the most cost effective routes, tailored specifically to the user’s destination and car’s gas mileage.

Moreover, GasBuddy offers points to users who actively participate in the site’s or app’s many features. Users can earn points by submitting prices of their local gas stations or contributing to the site’s price comparisons, voting in the weekly polls, or reading GasBuddy news items. Once enough points are acquired, users may redeem these points and win prizes in the site’s Daily Draw, a daily lottery that gifts winners with $100 gas cards.

Since the app’s conception in the mid 2000’s, the company has seen over 60 million downloads and 62 percent returning users. GasBuddy has also expanded into other markets, forming partnerships with other money saving apps, such as Button and Koupon. The company’s connections, in turn, introduce consumers to convenience store chains, fuel retailers, and other related brands. Through these partnerships, GasBuddy members can earn in–app coupons to be redeemed at select gas stations for discounted fuel.

Featured Image by Don DeBold on Flickr

Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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