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Save Time With These Genius Makeup Hacks

For many women, putting on a fresh face of makeup is a fun, empowering way to wake up and get ready to tackle the day, but sometimes it feels like it takes forever. American women spend an average of 55 minutes applying makeup every day–that’s two full episodes of The Office! For the busy woman on-the-go (or anyone who wants to spend a little less time in front of the mirror and more time watching Netflix), NYMM has found four tricks for speeding up your makeup routine. Now you can look like “100% That Bitch” and get to work on time. You go, girl!

Magnetic Eyelashes

Between the sticky glue and time-consuming application, putting on false eyelashes was something we thought only makeup gurus could handle. Not anymore! There has recently been a surge of affordable brands of magnetic eyelashes on the market. These no-hassle falsies use tiny magnets to adhere to your natural lashes, so you don’t have to deal with lash glue. All you have to do is pinch the upper and lower lash in between your real lashes, and you’re good to go! Magnetic lashes are so easy that you can even add them to your morning routine on weekdays.

Easy Winged Eyeliner

Sure, winged eyeliner looks impressive, but it’s not as easy as you think. There’s a little bit of a learning curve, but this hack makes exploring the many possibilities of liquid eyeliner a thousand times easier. All you need to do is grab your credit card (or any other small, flat piece of plastic) and place it beside the corner of your eye, positioning it wherever you want your cat-eye. Then you can take your liquid eyeliner, draw a line across the lid, and draw over your credit card. Lift up the card and you’ll have the perfect wing! The only tricky part is making sure the angle of the wings on both eyes are even–nothing a little concealer or makeup remover can’t fix.

Heat Up Your Mascara

Who else hates dealing with clumpy mascara? Your mascara will apply evenly and quickly if you heat it up a little bit before applying. There are a couple of super easy ways to do this: while drying your hair, briefly run your mascara tube through the hot air. Or, if you’d rather air dry, all you need to do is place your mascara in your bra or pocket while you do the rest of your eye makeup.

Seal For All Day Coverage

Now that you have your perfect (and, if you used our tips, quick and easy!) face of makeup applied, you want it to last all day, right? To avoid spending time later in the day reapplying your mascara, lipstick, or concealer, try priming and setting your makeup. Apply the primer before you put on the rest of your look. As for sealant, you can use a powder or spray. Spraying is the quickest, just spritz it on your face one or two times and you’re done!

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