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Girls Nights Amidst the Pandemic

Get creative and have a great night with your gals! With stress levels this high, It’s definitely needed.

As we continue to live cautiously in regard to the pandemic, becoming antsy to get back to normalcy is entirely expected. For instance, girls nights are so necessary, especially when the stress level is at an all-time high like today. Although you might not be able to hit cocktail hour at your favorite bar, there are still plenty of ways to have girls nights while complying to the covid-19 health guidelines. Here are some fun suggestions…

1. DIY Cocktail Night

DIY cocktails are so much fun and a great way to get creative and make delicious drinks. Also, it’s a skill you can take to the grave! Go out of your comfort zone and try making something bold like a jalepeño margarita. For those with a sweet tooth, try a strawberry lemonade bellini you won’t regret it. For those looking for more of a tart drink, try an orange-pomegranate sangria.

2. Game Night

Game night: completely underrated! This is a great way to shake things up, try out new games, and get competitive with your gals. There is so much room for creativity, especially if you live in a house with ample space – who said hide and seek is only for kids? I promise, the nostalgia will come rushing back. If you want to get even more creative, tap into your artistic side and create your own board game! Not only is this a fantastic activity, but you’ll have a new homemade and entirely unique game to hold onto forever!

3. Spa Night

If you and your girlfriends are looking for a way to relax and detach from your stressful lives, have a spa night stat. You can plan this extensively and decide on pre-made products, or you can be more creative and create a DIY spa with products such as homemade face masks and body scrubs. Get some calming music, candles, champaign, and cucumbers: you’re set!

4. Karaoke

Karaoke night is another great way to disconnect from your stressful lives. Let loose with your girls and belt out all your favorite tunes. I recommend “Come On Eileen,” “Dancing Queen,” and “Valerie”.

5. Themed Dinners

Having a themed dinner can really just be a great excuse to wear elaborate costumes. Because not everyone has the privilege of being able to dress up and actually go out, this might be a necessity! Gather a group of girlfriends and come up with a fun theme. Some ideas are Gatsby, murder mystery, masquerade, and outdoor luau. Have fun thinking up clever costumes, creating uniquely themed-dishes, and creating memories with your girls. Remember to bring a camera!

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