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Go To Hawaii with Chris Pratt

Most fans know him from his movie Guardians of the Galaxy and hit TV show Parks and Recreation, but actor Chris Pratt is now showing his philanthropic side.

Pratt, who recently starred in Jurassic World, posted on Instagram about a contest in which participants can pay $10 to enter for a chance to meet him on the set of his new movie Jurassic World 2. In his post, the adorable star says, “Wanna come visit me on the set of the #jurassicworld sequel? In HAWAII!?!? The answer is, “YES!” Of course you do! Click the link in my bio. $10 for a chance to enter and every dollar goes towards an amazing cause!!!!!! Click the link to learn more about the contest and the amazing charity your $10 will benefit! Enter as many times as you want. And I’ll see you in Hawaii!!! By the way I’m going to bug you all until you do this so you might as well just do it now. With love!!! -Chris.”

Having already donated about a million dollars to the Boys and Girls Club of Snohomish County, a county not far from his former hometown of Lake Stevens, Washington, Pratt decided to expand his mission to help the Seattle Children’s Hospital. In order to spread the word, the actor is working with his friend, 14-year-old Makenna Schwab, to fundraise.

Schwab is also passionate about the cause. She herself has spent a lot of her time at the Children’s Hospital due to a rare connective-tissue disorder called Larsen Syndrome. The disease leaves her with an unstable spine, difficulty breathing and joint dislocation.

In the past, the incredible teen has contributed to the hospital by hosting bake sales and other such projects in order to help other children and families going through similar hardships. Schwab says that her main goal is to create something positive out of her experience with illness. After being selected by the Make-a -Wish Foundation, she knew she wanted to use her wish to help others but wasn’t entirely sure how, until she met Pratt.

“Chris inspired my wish, which was to have him help me with my fundraising projects for the hospital. The best part was that he agreed! He visited me at Seattle Children’s where he met my team of doctors and hung out with me for the day. We brainstormed ideas for the project and quickly became friends. We have stayed in contact over the last year and a half, and Chris has continued to encourage and inspire me to keep making a difference for other kids,” according to Schwab.

Pratt’s contest also allows for donations. Not only will one lucky winner get to live it up in Hawaii with Chris Pratt, but all the proceeds from the contest go to the Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Center, helping kids like Schwab who battle disease to have a better life.

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    May 30, 2017 at 7:20 pm

    Great article. Chris Pratt is a cool dude. I would love to visit Hawaii.

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