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Good News for Women

Talk Around Campus:

Ida Scudder was remembered on what would be her 145th birthday for creating India’s first medical college for women in the country. (The New Indian Express Group)

The University of Mumbai will open a law college exclusively for women in the upcoming years. (The Times of India)

Pro-life students are standing up and urging Christian colleges to not exclude women who have had abortions. (Christian Post)

Today in Politics:

Women across the country are questioning how much gender loyalties should influence their decision in voting. (NY Times)

Women in Saudi Arabia have been elected to municipal councils for the first time. (BBC)

A all-female Christian militia has been formed in Syria, who are looking to fight ISIS themselves. (The Guardian)

Faith in Humanity Restored:

An elderly woman knits her Muslim doctor stuffed animals after hearing about Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim comments. (Good News Network)

A mother interprets her daughter’s doodles to create incredible works of art. (Pulptastic)

An Arkansas woman spends eight months crocheting her wedding dress after not being able to find an affordable one. (Pulptastic)

Celebrity Good:

The Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative Gala honored Cyndi Lauper to promote diverse identities and challenge the status quo. (Look to the Stars)

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