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Gregory Allen Howard and Harriet Tubman: “Kick-Ass”

The film industry is one of the most influential platforms for audiences everywhere. It is always encouraging to see men working in film supporting and uplifting their female colleagues.

Gregory Allen Howard, a screenwriter known for popular films such as Remember the Titans and Ali, also shows support for women through his films.

It has recently been announced that a dramatic biography titled, Harriet, will start production in 2017. This film is written by Gregory Allen Howard, directed by Seith Mann, and will star Cynthia Erivo.

This film will cover the life of Harriet Tubman, an iconic abolitionist who helped free hundreds of slaves from the South along the route of the Underground Railroad. She herself escaped slavery in 1849 and dedicated her life to helping others find freedom.

Found on Howard’s website, he declared, “It’s not a history lesson. It’s a kick-ass movie.” As it should be, considering it is highlighting the life of such a significant and powerful woman in history.

The co-producer and co-financier of the film, Charles King, had similar things to say. King spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the film. He stated, “This will have action, adventure. It will be epic and sweeping…This will show what an incredible badass Harriet Tubman was…Harriet was a hero, a warrior; she was fearless, she was a leader and that has nothing to do with race.”

This film is anticipated to captivate Harriet Tubman’s life in a way that highlights her bravery and accomplishments in such an infamous period in African-American history.

This is not the first time that Howard has written about women and the success stories that they have accomplished.

Night Witches is another project that Howard has worked on. In Howard’s word, “This is the story of the only all female combat unit in the history of warfare. At the outbreak of war on the Eastern Front, Russia, Marina Raskova, the Amelia Earhart of the Soviet Union, convinced Joseph Stalin to create an all-female bomber unit to stop the Nazis. These were teenage girls. The oldest was 25.”

It is clear to see the importance and pride Howard takes in these films about these influential women. He traveled to Moscow in order to conduct research and gathered an interview from Irina Rakobolskaya, the chief of staff for the Night Witches. To Howard, this was “one of the most meaningful adventures of my life.”

By bringing these incredible stories back to life through film, Howard is proving that in the past women have made a difference and they will continue to do so.

Giving young girls and women true role models to look up to through film can have an immense impact. It is crucial to encourage these roles and films that delve into women’s success and accomplishments. These are the success stories that will plant a seed of determination and motivation for women all over the world.

It is truly incredible to see films such as Harriet in the making that will bring positivity and empowerment to women. Make sure to keep your eyes open for this moving film about the everlasting hero, Harriet Tubman.

Featured Image by Thad Zajdowicz on Flickr

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