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Healthy Gains: How to get Strong not Skinny

Not all women are trying to lose weight. Some want to gain pounds but are worried about doing it the wrong way. There’s a strategy to the other side of the “body goals” journey. Check out these tips on how to gain weight the healthy way.


One of the number one keys to weight gain is focusing your diet on proteins. Proteins helps build muscle and add a necessary balance to your daily meals. Fish, chicken and red meats are especially helpful for the calorie count. That’s why all your fitness bloggers eat salmon. For the vegetarians, beans, mushrooms and spinach are also high in proteins. For the gym rats, we know you’ve got your protein powder and peanut butter in the cabinet.

2.Carbs, Sugars and Starches

Sugars and carbs sound like the doomsday of your period cycle. However, they are necessary for your body and especially for weight gains. The potatoes you bought that may have been sitting in the fridge will finally go to use! Pasta, rice and grains should be incorporated in your meals. Sugars are easy to handle. Substitute artificial sugars for natural ones like fruit and other sugar-free sweets (with a cheat day of course).

3.Muscle Building

No, you will not look like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson after doing a couple of dumbbell squats. If you want your body to gain weight and also avoid the flab, your muscle must serve as a middle ground. Not only will you look amazing but you will also be in great shape. There are plenty of exercises to complete using your own weight as well. Just take a trip down one of the fitness video YouTube holes.

4.Eat, eat, eat!

We covered food in the beginning, but what’s food for? Eating. And to gain weight, you may have to eat…a lot. No, you should not stuff your face hour on the hour. Beginning to eat more throughout the day is a gradual process. Try eating five smaller meals a day (including the occasional snack). Track your calorie count with apps like MyFitnessPal and keep reminders for yourself on when to grab a bite.


Body transformations do not happen easily for women (thanks, metabolism). Though, if you stick with the weight gain journey, you will see results. Work out as often as you can (every day is not necessary) and be strict about your eating schedule. Do not let anyone take away from your evening snack. If you work or tend to have a relatively busy schedule, prep your meals ahead of the week and make a fitness schedule flexible for you. Also, remember not only to look at the scale but also in the mirror. Sometimes, numbers just don’t compare to how good you look.

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