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Heaven on Earth

On a flight back from Mexico, my sister and I found ourselves on a plane so ancient and tiny it might as well have been powered by Flintstone feet. 

From where we were seated, I could see right into the cockpit. I was fascinated by all the buttons and levers; meanwhile, my sister was busy texting. 

I turned to her and asked, “Have you ever seen the inside of a cockpit?” Her response was, “That’s a very personal question.”

Traveling with my sister has always been…interesting. When she takes a vacation, she’s set on some fun, and nothing better get in her way. 

When we got to our resort in Mexico, we had already requested a room on the top floor with a sea view. Unfortunately, the woman checking us in told us it wasn’t available. 

Fine, we just wanted to get to the beach. We got to our room and were hit by the hard truth…our room was less than ideal. 

We knew we weren’t getting heaven on earth, but we at least expected earth. Our room was closer to purgatory. 
Our bathroom wasn’t properly cleaned. Our mini fridge didn’t work. And worst of all, our room smelled like a toilet. Forget being treated like royalty; we might as well have been camping. 

My sister took charge of the situation and called the front desk to say we needed to change rooms STAT. They ignored us. Repeatedly. Horrified, we escaped to the beach. When we got back, we turned on the TV. Not only was the TV from the ‘90s, it was BLACK AND WHITE. 

I broke out in laughter. This was too comical of a situation. My sister did not share my outlook; she threw down the remote and said, “That’s it!” 
A dirty bathroom disgusted her. Our complimentary water, soda and beer stored in a hot box annoyed her. The room smelling like a toilet almost brought her to the edge. But what pushed her over was a black and white TV! 

As if on fire, my sister made a final call demanding an end to the nightmare. Sure enough, she worked it out so the next day we were moved to a room with a sea view, a rain shower, no toilet smell and cold beverages (well, as cold as drinks can get outside the US.) 
I know I’m always going to get the best when traveling with my sister. She expects it and gets it. This year we chose an all-inclusive resort. We’ve been in many before and this one did not disappoint. I’ll be honest, I love all-inclusive resorts. Everything is handled for you. 

You don’t have to make any decisions; that is my idea of a true vacation. You get up, put on your bathing suit and a cover up, head to breakfast, then lie on the beach and read a book. After a while. you grab lunch, then you lie by the pool until the sun goes down. Am I crazy or isn’t that heaven on earth?! Showering was the most I exerted myself. 
As if I wasn’t already in heaven, one of the things that made this vacation so amazing was the abundance of food available at the resort. And it was good!! 

Frankly, one of my goals for this vacation was to eat my weight in guacamole. Mission accomplished! Still, no matter how much guacamole I piled on my plate, my sister always returned to the table from the open buffet with a plate stacked with more tantalizing items. 

I wondered, how is it we both see the offerings at the buffet, yet she comes to the table with delicious goodness combined in beautiful concoctions, and all I have is chips and guacamole? She’s a food genius. Like I said, she expects a perfect vacation…and she gets it.
I loved our vacation so much that I vowed to one day buy a house in Mexico and live happily ever after. 

In the meantime, I need to learn Spanish. So far, all I’ve learned is, “Cuatro cervezas por favor.”
Photography by Sarah Rizkalla

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