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Overwhelmed by Weddings? What to do about the Post-Covid Wedding Rush

The COVID-19 put everything on hold, and social distancing made it impossible to spend time or celebrate with family and friends. It was especially hard for those waiting to get married, and having to put long planned celebrations on hold. As things started to get a little under control with the pandemic, the wedding season became a lot more chaotic. Whether you’re getting married or just attending a wedding, here’s what you need to know. 


Spending on a Wedding


Good news for those of you getting married! Covid means you have an excuse to invite less guests, and spend a little less on each of them. A lot of us have managed to save a bit of money throughout the pandemic, due to government checks, the lack of travel and working remotely. So splurge a little and dedicate some of those savings to your wedding! 

There’s been a huge boom in the wedding business lately, which means it’s been getting more expensive. Caterers, wedding planners, DJs, everyone is trying to benefit from the overflow and make up for the lack of weddings last year. Plan carefully and spend your money to make sure your dreams come true. 

If you want to save a little more, try and plan your wedding yourself! Find a friend who can sew, and add embellishments to a dress. Ask someone else to use their home or backyard as a venue! Hair, makeup, catering, decorations, all of it can be done with a little help from family, friends and a good budget. Who needs gifts for the big day when this makes it so much more memorable? 


The Cost of Being a Guest


A 2020 survey made it clear that weddings are expensive, even if you’re just a guest. The average cost usually falls somewhere around $430, and can be even more depending on the wedding.  Make a budget, and decide on which weddings you want to prioritize. Who on the list of invites you’ve received matters to you most? Which ones do you have to travel for? Think about every little thing before saying yes. 


Another thing to think about is a gift. Instead of buying something expensive from the registry, offer to do something personal, and helpful for the couple getting married. If you have talents with hair and makeup, help out for free! If you’re good with your hands, make something, maybe embroider some handkerchief? You can even just frame their wedding photo and make sure to add your own touch. Come up with your own ideas too!


Scheduling, Venues and Social Stress


For most of us, these weddings were the first time we attended a large gathering in over a year. It’s stressful to suddenly be surrounded by people after a year of not seeing them. More than that, you’ll be wondering what the vaccination status of the people around you are, will this wedding be a super-spreader? The easy answer is, look at the venue. Are these weddings indoors or outside? Will you be in close quarters or be able to get some space as you need it? Brides, consider this when choosing a venue in the future, the outdoors are beautiful and give people the freedom they need to breathe. 


As for scheduling, again, priority is the key. Who matters to you most? What will take the most travel time? Weddings also consist of a lot of events, and you don’t have to go to all of them. It’s okay to say no to a rehearsal dinner or bridal shower, or any other type of gathering involved in the celebration. Just make time for the most important part, the actual wedding!  Brides and Grooms, look at this list to make sure your big day doesn’t just get lost in the midst of the wedding rush. Some other resources can be found here.

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