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Horror Movie Queens We Love

Winona Ryder

From Beetlejuice to Edward Scissorhands even to Netflix original Stranger Things, Winona has given us many characters to admire on the screen. Her range and talent make us fall in love with every character she plays with her gentle yet sultry presence.

Angela Bassett

Talk about badass woman. Every time Angela graces the screen, you HAVE to look. Her witchcraft in American Horror Story to vampire fangs in Vampires in Brooklyn, her stunning performance can make you fall in love or in fear.

Lupita Nyong’o

Thanks to her outstanding performance in Us, her croaking voice and bloodshot eyes will wake you in cold sweats in the middle of the night. In high demand for more horrifying appearances, Lupita studied her character and brought an unease only she could achieve.

Fairuza Balk

Who doesn’t love that pale face and dark eyeliner? October is her month. For every girl who went through their emo phase, Balk’s character in The Craft was the muse for matching blacks.

Helena Bonham Carter

Not only does she execute every tole with grace, but Bellatrix was an especially senile character. Helena served not only stage presence but pushes through the mounds of makeup. Remember the Red Queen? You’re lying to yourself if she wasn’t your favorite Alice in Wonderland character.

Kathy Bates

Besides being a legendary actress, her pivotal role in Misery haunted audiences since the film’s debut in 1990. Her ability to incite psychological fear and morph into fictional characters will leave you speechless. Check out her performance in AHS to be further impressed.

Jessica Lange

Where should we begin? Judging the range of her characters since King Kong, she has dabbled in and out of roles among the thriller and horror genres. No one else would’ve been a better fit for Supreme in AHS’s Coven. Her cunning charisma made you scared of her as an audience member.

Jurnee Smollett-Bell

Her ability to portray a character from back in time came to the forefront of her performance in Lovecraft Country. While being also being gentle and compassionate, she handled some fierce situations with some badass courage. Offscreen, she’s just as courageous.

Vera Farmiga

Queen of giving chills with the expression on her face, Vera is skilled at subtlety and shock. Best recognized for her performance in The Conjuring series and Bates Motel, she keeps your eyes attached to every ghostly move she makes in and out of the frame.

Sissy Spacek

We all love a good horror classic for the season. Treat yourself to the original performance of Stephen King’s Carrie. The blood, her eyes, the whole thing is a terrifying masterpiece. Though the re-adaptations have been done over time, nothing will compare to the very first moment Spacek set fire to the gym stadium.

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