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How to Avoid Split Ends

Say goodbye to your split ends with these simple tips!

What are Split Ends?

Split ends are the result of general wear and tear on your hair. Since the ends are the most exposed and vulnerable, this is no surprise. They are incredibly common, and unfortunately cannot just go away on their own. How quickly do they develop? Split ends can be caused immediately by extreme damage, but typically they develop over a period of time due to various smaller factors. You cannot really fix a split end, but there are are ways to avoid, reduce, and disguise them. Let’s talk about the various hair hacks that contribute to maintaining healthy hair.

1. Maintenence

Often split ends are a result of physical damage, which refers to the way in which you care for and handle your hair. For instance, styling, brushing, and touching your hair all break down the cuticles and overtime increase your likelihood of getting split ends. Aggressively or harshly brushing your hair can quickly result in split ends, especially for those who have thick or curly hair. Additionally, consider reducing the amount your brush your hair, as over-brushing can easily cause damage. Thus, consciously make an effort to brush your hair more gently. Your hair is very fragile, so if you want it to flourish, treat like you care! You can easily check to see if you’re brushing too harshly: listen to the sound the brush makes through your hair. If you hear a scraping or ripping, you’re likely putting too much force into brushing.

2. Regular Haircuts

Although you can mask and disguise split ends, there is no way to fully fix them other than by getting regular cuts. If you don’t, you are more likely to get split ends since the longer the hair, the more vulnerable the ends. Moreover, the longer you wait to get a trim, you run a higher risk of getting split ends farther up in the hair shaft- these hairs will be practically destroyed! By getting regular trims, you can reduce the chance of this and thus be more in control your hair length. The more frequently you get trims, the more successfully it can grow.

3. Reduce Heat

Applying heat to your hair is one of the most common and easy ways to get split ends. When you apply heat to you hair, the ends are put in an extremely vulnerable position. Using heat chronically can dry out your hair and even change the structure of the proteins within. Using heat every once in a while is okay, but if possible, reduce your heat usage and instead let your hair air dry. When you do use heat, try reducing the heat level in addition to using a heat protectant to reduce damage.

4. Internal Factors

Internal factors refer to general lifestyle aspects such as diet, hygiene, and general health. Since your hair is not independent from your body, If your body is malnourished or dehydrated, your hair will be too. Treat your body well by staying hydrated and nourished in order to prevent split ends.

5. Hair Accessories

Your hair needs you to understand that whatever you put in your hair can affect your hair and the ends. For example, the accessories that contribute to your hairdo could be contributing to your split ends. Try opting for accessories that do not contain metal, which can easily break your ends resulting in uneven strands and broken pieces. Additionally, consider experimenting with some new cute hairstyles that will leave your hair happy and healthy.

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