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How to Organize Your Phone’s Necessities

Do you keep misplacing your phone charger, or lending it out and never seeing it again? If this is the case for you, these phone DIYs and hacks are designed to help you never lose your charger again, while also teaching you some water resistance tricks and how to make a cute case for your headphones!

Personalized Charger

Does someone keep borrowing your phone charger and then playing it off later as if it is theirs? Since chargers look the same, it can be hard to prove when a charger is actually yours. That’s where this DIY by LaurDIY comes in! All you need to do is pick out some Washi Tape. Washi Tape is known to have colorful, pretty designs that are sure to help you personalize your charger. If you’re guilty of being more on the messy side, it may even help you spot it more easily when searching for it in your room.

Just lay the charger flat on a length-accurate strip of Washi Tape and wind the tape around the charger, without allowing air bubbles or loose ends to form.

Phone Safety, Poolside

If you’re all for a great pool day but don’t want to get water all over your phone, LaurDIY suggests to simply slip your phone into a tight ziplock baggie, and maybe even to double-bag your phone to be safe. 

If you’re not looking to spend a lot on water resistant protectors or don’t have a waterproof phone, LaurDIY swears by this DIY, saying she uses it all the time! She claims to have no trouble scrolling through posts and texting on her phone while it’s still safe and dry in the ziplock bag.

Headphone Case

Are you tired of misplacing your headphones? This DIY can establish a set place for them while also being a cute carrying case that can help avoid tangles in your bag! First, remove the sticker label from an empty Ice Breakers gum case or any other circular gum case and stick the label onto a piece of paper for a later size guide.

Cut your new label out and design it however you’d like! Super glue the label on, and gently bend the lid a few times to create a permanent crease. LaurDIY added stickers and used some adorable craft paper for her own design. This little case should help you avoid tangles and will serve as a permanent, size-friendly home for your headphones.

These inexpensive phone hacks and DIYs should help make the organization and upkeep of your phone’s accessories much easier. Thankfully, tangled headphones will become a thing of the past!

Featured Image by Marco Verch on Flickr
Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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